Wednesday, March 31, 2010

::Review:: Pistachio Layer Cake Society Satchel

Hungry for a cake...

I wasn't too sure about the society satchels at first, but I'd never seen any of the Petunia bags before purchasing them, either.  The best part is, they have always surprised me in a very good way and made me happy when I open the package.  No exception for the Pistachio Layer Cake! Numerous PPB fans on Facebook have asked and discussed how exactly the colors show on this mysterious bag.  I was one of them.  Is it olive green, lime green, or yellowish green? I still can't put my finger to it, just like a scrumptious piece of cake, you want to taste it and you are speechlessly happy.  That's how I feel when I am holding on to my Pistachio Layer Cake Society Satchel (I like the full name of it because it's, special) 

Many people wonder whether a carryall or a satchel is right for them.  I have had my carryall for 2 weeks now and I absolutely adore it.  Now that I have a satchel, I have noticed the size difference and the different carrying options.  If you want something BIG, but you aren't crazy about boxy backpacks, the satchel would be your must have. 


This shows you how conveniently it goes on any stroller.  The valet clips are very well made and the velcro keeps the bag on it tight.  

Now, these photos below show you how many pockets the bad has.  A mommy can never have enough pockets to keep herself organized. 








As much as I love the changing pad and the wipes case, I do not use them.  I keep them in a safe place and have instructed my husband never touch them even when there is an emergency.  Although I don't know what kind of emergency would be resolved by a wipes case... I am impressed by the matching changing pad and wipes case and I think they look just as yummy, but I'd rather keep them really clean. And don't forget, if you are like me, take these two things out and you'll have plenty of room on the bottom for the travel sized wipes and some other baby essentials. 

Now for those of you who are curious to see the size comparison between the boxy backpack versus the society satchel or the carryall and the society satchel...see below!

What would you choose? The boxy is the glazed material and the satchel is velvet.  Both are so functional and beautiful, it's a tough choice...I'd say, if you don't mind the open top and you love the luxurious look of a society satchel, go for it! And if you are a mom who likes to wipe down everything on the bag, go for the glazed boxy, it's so easy to keep up with.  Don't ask me which one I'd pick, you already see how many I HAVE TO have. 

(Thanks Carrie H. for the idea!)

In my opinion, the society satchel is great for its space and carrying options.  The carryall definitely looks more like a purse, but, just as functional.  It depends whether you like a tall bag that has a little big more room or a wider bag that packs a little bit less and doesn't offer the backpack option.  

Last but not least, I love all of your enthusiasm for Petunia Pickle Bottom and I certainly appreciate your comments and suggestions on here and on Facebook.  Keep reading and eat some cake! 


  1. What a beautiful bag and such a darling baby! I am looking forward to your bag review. I have the same one and love it!

  2. Thanks alejk! I love reading fans' comments here and on the ppb fan page on FB! And when people tell me they can't get enough reviews it motivates me even more. You guys are the best!

  3. Can't wait for the review! I'm thinking this will be my Mother's Day treat, so there is your deadline ;) Hehe!

  4. Aww Jenn, deadline met! :) Thanks for stopping by!!

  5. Vivian, what a fabulous idea starting a blog on Petunia Pickle Bottom bags. I like how you did a comparison of the three carriers, which I find absolutely helpful in deciding which to invest in and contingent upon current and future needs.

  6. Wonderful review yet again Vivian! You can carry the satchel as a backpack? I did not know that. Great pictures and beautiful bags. You have immaculate taste! Thanks so much for the comparison between the satchel & the carryall.

  7. You've done it Vivian! I'm amaze how you can concentrate and write your blog....If those were my bags, I'd be staring at it all day!
    I'm working my way towards my 'future' heirloom bag.... :)

    Great job Vivian! Looking forward to your next bag review!

  8. Great job with the blog Vivian, I am really enjoying it :) oh and I just got my Misty Shanghai boxy today and I looooove it!!

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  11. I've been trying to find this print everywhere! You wouldn't happen to still have this would you? Maybe I could buy it? I'll check for a reply in a couple of days and maybe give you my email address. :) Jamie

    1. Hey Jamie, I don't own any of the Petunia bags anymore. :)