Wednesday, May 16, 2012

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From the Mini Social -
More than three little words, Petunia Pickle Bottom is a lifestyle—a different way of looking at the world. And perhaps nowhere else is that difference more distinct, unique or decidedly fashionable than in the Petunia products themselves. A perennial exhibit of bold lines, daring colors and darling designer details, Petunia Pickle Bottom was created for the steadfast sophisticate inside every woman. Silk brocades, hand-woven tweeds, plush chenille, intricate cut velvets, and exquisitely detailed embroidery—every one a Petunia hallmark, and every one an expression of motherhood’s myriad facets.

Those Baby Legs!

You know it's one of these unpredictable breezy evenings in Atlanta, I am thankful for my babylegs. I own several pairs, okay, about 50, for my two girls. This is Emily at age 17 months wearing "I love Mommy" on Mother's day. 1.5 years later, her sister is wearing this exact pair, still look spanking new! They are perfect for daycare as they may come off when the temperature rises and so easy for diaper changes.
Sophie in her organic baby legs

Sophie in her babylegs tights

Emily in her strawberry baby legs

Just a kid tired of waiting in the car...

You can purchase these adorable, functional, and hip baby legs at mom4life.
I have shopped at mom4life numerous times, and they provide the highest customer care hands-down!
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