Wednesday, March 31, 2010

::Review:: Pistachio Layer Cake Society Satchel

Hungry for a cake...

I wasn't too sure about the society satchels at first, but I'd never seen any of the Petunia bags before purchasing them, either.  The best part is, they have always surprised me in a very good way and made me happy when I open the package.  No exception for the Pistachio Layer Cake! Numerous PPB fans on Facebook have asked and discussed how exactly the colors show on this mysterious bag.  I was one of them.  Is it olive green, lime green, or yellowish green? I still can't put my finger to it, just like a scrumptious piece of cake, you want to taste it and you are speechlessly happy.  That's how I feel when I am holding on to my Pistachio Layer Cake Society Satchel (I like the full name of it because it's, special) 

Many people wonder whether a carryall or a satchel is right for them.  I have had my carryall for 2 weeks now and I absolutely adore it.  Now that I have a satchel, I have noticed the size difference and the different carrying options.  If you want something BIG, but you aren't crazy about boxy backpacks, the satchel would be your must have. 


This shows you how conveniently it goes on any stroller.  The valet clips are very well made and the velcro keeps the bag on it tight.  

Now, these photos below show you how many pockets the bad has.  A mommy can never have enough pockets to keep herself organized. 








As much as I love the changing pad and the wipes case, I do not use them.  I keep them in a safe place and have instructed my husband never touch them even when there is an emergency.  Although I don't know what kind of emergency would be resolved by a wipes case... I am impressed by the matching changing pad and wipes case and I think they look just as yummy, but I'd rather keep them really clean. And don't forget, if you are like me, take these two things out and you'll have plenty of room on the bottom for the travel sized wipes and some other baby essentials. 

Now for those of you who are curious to see the size comparison between the boxy backpack versus the society satchel or the carryall and the society satchel...see below!

What would you choose? The boxy is the glazed material and the satchel is velvet.  Both are so functional and beautiful, it's a tough choice...I'd say, if you don't mind the open top and you love the luxurious look of a society satchel, go for it! And if you are a mom who likes to wipe down everything on the bag, go for the glazed boxy, it's so easy to keep up with.  Don't ask me which one I'd pick, you already see how many I HAVE TO have. 

(Thanks Carrie H. for the idea!)

In my opinion, the society satchel is great for its space and carrying options.  The carryall definitely looks more like a purse, but, just as functional.  It depends whether you like a tall bag that has a little big more room or a wider bag that packs a little bit less and doesn't offer the backpack option.  

Last but not least, I love all of your enthusiasm for Petunia Pickle Bottom and I certainly appreciate your comments and suggestions on here and on Facebook.  Keep reading and eat some cake! 

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

::Review::Chocolate Cherry Cake Carryall

Your heart just skipped a second!

It's okay, that's what happened to me when I first saw the stock picture of this CAKE! 

First of all, I wasn't a CAKE person.  The fabric reminded me of carpet and the print reminded me of some old antique chair covered in dust in the corner of a thrift store.  Why would I want to carry a bag that reminds me of all these things? 

Then like the lightening strike, one day, I was just drawn into the beauty of this scrumptious cake that I can actually keep diapers in it.  Thanks to my dear PPB FB fans! So many PPB mamas have the cakes in either carryall or satchel.  I was debating whether I should go with the carryall or the society satchel.  Of course they look completely different, I also had to consider the Heirloom boxy I already had might look similar to that of a society satchel's. 

For my birthday this year, my MIL again, asked me for my birthday wish list. I said I wanted a "purse".  She said, oh! let me know which one you want and I'll get it for you.  I was very hesitant since the price of this big piece of cake is not easy to swallow.  That same night my husband asked me the same question and so I "suggested", you and Mom can get me a combined gift! ----And he agreed!---I believe I had a cake dream that very night (and the nights followed) 

Monday, March 29, 2010

::FAQ:: Cross Town Clutch

Frenquently Asked Questions reagarding the Petunia Pickle Bottom crossing town clutches

Q: How big is it? It seems small to me.
A: Dimensions of Clutch: 12 x 8 x 4.5 in.  The clutch comes with a 23 in. diameter changing pad and a standard sized wipes case.  There are two pockets great for ointment, lip balm, and your cell phone.  There is a no more digging key fob.  You are able to fit two disposable diapers in it along with everything else.  Some moms like me remove the changing pad and the plastic wipes case to save room for other things such as a coupon folder and a wallet for grocery shopping.  So yes, it is a good size for a quick trip to the store with a baby.  

Q: Is the wristlet strap detachable? 
A: Yes, it is.  

Q: I know the new Spring 2010 collection clutches have the wrist straps that convert into shoulder straps, are they being sold separately for my older clutches?  
A: Sorry! The newly designed clutches have their own convertible straps but they aren't compatible for the past season clutches and they are also not sold separately.  (In another words, buy the new clutch if you are so bothered by it!)

Q: Are the cross town clutches glazed?
A: Yes! All of our cross town clutches are glazed which makes it easy to clean. 

Other questions? Just ask!! 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

::Review:: India Ink Clutch

When I first knew the existence of a Petunia clutch, it was a glimpse through the profile photos online.  Of course when I compared the price of a clutch to that of a touring tote, I wasn't convinced that it'd be worth it.  The thought of fitting diapers and wipes into a clutch just didn't make sense.  Not until I saw it in person at Neiman Marcus last summer, I was shocked at how large it looks in real life.  

Then this February, I was very lucky to be the winner of a gift certificate to Polka Dot Panda when I referred 10 friends to become their fan on facebook.  It was a really good amount that (almost) covered the price of a clutch.  I didn't know I would like India Ink, but the more I looked at the profile picture, I was more convinced that would fit my style perfectly. (Talk about obsession!) 

Since this is my first clutch, I was anxious to see how I would "wear it" and how much stuff it'd fit.  The clutch comes with a built-in matching changing pad and comes with a black Petunia wipes case.  I never use the changing pad even with my other bags, and always carry the travel-sized wipes, so I remove the changing pad and the wipes case out to have lots of room left.  


One downside about the clutch I have to admit is that the strap is rather thin and it'd cut into your elbow when it's filled up.  On the Petunia profile photos of the clutches, they go on some strollers with no problem.  Since I choose my Baby Jogger over the Maclaren Quest that is now sitting in the garage...I have to either keep it on my elbow or in the stroller storage.  For a clutch this gorgeous, I really don't mind torturing my body once awhile.   
The newly designed 2010 Spring Collection clutches now all have the convertible straps, woo hoo!!! Can't wait to do a review on one of those babies!  

::FAQ:: Boxy Backpacks

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the boxy backpacks

Q: Do the stroller valet clips come with the boxy backpacks?
A: No, they can be purchased at Petunia Online or at any of the authorized PPB retailers for $19.00.

Q: Do the stroller valet clips come in different colors to match my boxy backpack?
A: The valet clips that are sold separately only come in black, unlike the ones that come with the touring totes.

Q: How many bottle pockets are in the boxy backpacks?
A: There are four bottle holders.  Two exterior and Two interior.  Both are wide enough for wide neck bottles.

Q: Which boxy backpacks in the Fall '09 and Spring '10 collections are glazed?
A: Fall '09 - Rhone BloomsTurkish TwilightDancing in Dublin, Morning in Machu Picchu 

Q: The looks between the boxy backpack and the shoulder bag are so similar, how do I choose what's right for me?
A: The boxy backpack offers three carrying options; on your shoulders, as a messenger bag, and it goes on the  stroller with or without the valet clips (depends on your stroller type).  The shoulder bag, however, is a messenger style bag.  It does also has 4 bottle pockets! In my opinion, you get more with the boxy backpacks because of the various carrying options they offer! You never know which days you will be chasing your little one down and with the bag on your back, you CAN do it!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

::Review:: Heirloom Boxy Backpack

According to Petunia, the Heirloom is described as - 

Striking a pitch-perfect balance between classic charm and modern sensibility, our LIMITED EDITION 10th anniversary fabric is a showcase of our most adored and iconic patterns, woven into one.

To me, it's - oh my! oh my! the color combination is flawless and oh, I can see myself carrying it Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter! Yes, it is THAT perfect! I remembered seeing it the first time on Facebook when Petunia announced the giveaway contest.  I was already in bed, ready to set the alarm and go night night.  Then this gorgeous appears on my screen, I had to zoom in, zoom in, zoom in even more and I think my heart stopped beating for a whole second.  My first reaction was, I HAD to win the contest.  It was a 10 week long contest and you can only enter for the drawing IF you can identify a swatch of a pattern before anyone else.  Of course I knew all of the patterns but working full-time stops me from being the first 50 fans to respond.  

When I realized there was a very minimal chance for me to win the bag, I googled to see if any secret online retailer sells it.  It was the beginning of February.  Nobody offered it and I was pretty upset.  Then Petunia announced one day on Facebook the bag would be released on 2.23.2010, I was beyond thrilled.  When that day finally came, I went straight to Petunia Online Store, added to the shopping cart, just when I realized the price tag was $40 more than the original boxy backpacks! Ouch, a bucket of ice water just poured over my head.  I had to calm down and re-evaluate my needs and wants.  

The thought of owning one of these babies never went away for one second.  I did try to convince myself maybe I don't need anymore pricy diaper bags, maybe Skip Hop would be just as good, maybe the looks don't matter.  I actually went to Babies R Us and put on my trusting cap and started searching for one.  Do you know diaper bags these days cost more than $50 even if they have Winnie the Pooh or Pink Polka Dots on them? My husband was trying to convince me to get the Skip Hop Double Deluxe and we did get to see one in person.  Not sure where the Deluxe name come from...there is nothing deluxe to it in my opinion.  

I am so proud of myself not giving in, because a few days later, my sweet mother-in-law and I were chatting on gmail and she asked me if there was anything I NEED right away for the new baby.   I said, maybe a diaper bag.  She said, "oh! the one you blogged about? That one is pretty!" And of course a day later, my mother-in-law placed the order on the phone with Polka Dot Panda who was referred by my PPB friend Chelsea.  

The bag was on back order for TWO WEEKS, but when it finally arrived during the promised time, I held the bag to my chest and just squeaked! By the way, I had the bag shipped to my work and all the female coworkers were amazed at how delicate and sophisticated diaper bags have become. I did have to remind them not just any diaper bag, it's got to be Petunia Pickle Bottom. 

The photos below show you how spacious the boxy backpacks are and ways to carry.  
I did not have the shoulder straps with me to show you how it looks on my back...but you get the idea... 

Now these will show you how much you can fit in any of the boxy backpacks...


 I hope you enjoyed reading about the Heirloom, tell me how much you like it or if you are thinking of getting one. :)  
(Hurry! It's a limited edition!) 

Friday, March 26, 2010

::OMG:: Fan Friday

Petunia Pickle Bottom

We are declaring today FAN FRIDAY and honoring Vivian Liu for her love of Petunia, great facebook interactions, and genuine excitement for the brand. To celebrate we will be sending Vivian a shopping tote and she was able to ask the team at Petunia any question (will posted separately). Stay could be the next fan celebrated on a FAN FRIDAY!!!5 hours ago

Last Friday, just right before my iphone died, I received a personal message from Krista at Petunia.  
She basically told me that they appreciate my enthusiasm for the brand and would love for me to ask 
a question that will be answered by the founder and designer DeNai.  I was beyond thrilled to be receiving 
a message directly coming from PPB, and had to reply like the magic would just disappear. 

Here was the question I had on top of my head: 
Where did the cake inspiration come from? And thus the name?

Today they surprised me and gave me and everyone an excellent answer:

Petunia Pickle Bottom Vivian's question: Where did the cake inspiration come from? And thus the name?
Answer: We’ve always had an affinity for carpet bags of yesteryear. We worked very closely with a fabric mill to develop a modern day version of the fabrication. When our design came back from the mill it had this larger than life quality that gave way to the design and flavor of the bags. While the first samples were being made, we were hot and heavy in the brand development of this high-end collection. We had originally landed on calling the collection “PLUM,” but when the samples came back they looked like scrumptious layers of frosting on a cake and we immediately knew. That’s where the tag line “layered thick with style” came from and the moment CAKE by Petunia was born.

I have been truly overwhelmed by the genuine congrats our PPB fans have shared with me.  You guys really have the most sophisticated fashion sense and are the most helpful FB fans out there! 
Oh, and which shopper tote did I pick? I had to grab one that is available so I don't have to wait until 4/15.  Morning in Machu Picchu that is! 
(Of course Tea on the Thames stays on my PPB list until it's out!)

Thank you Petunia!! You have made my day, my (birthday) week, and my delightful PPB obsession more enjoyable!!! 

::Review:: Boxy Backpacks

When I first came across a boxy backpack, I was at a children's boutique warehouse sale.  I wasn't really impressed.  I think it was a brocade fabric so the bag looked pretty flimsy and a bit sad sitting on the table.  A few weeks later when I realized I could no longer fit everything I needed into my Morning in Mumbai touring tote, I was on a mission for a bigger diaper bag.  I thought of a boxy.  I thought of how my touring tote was always easy to clean since it's glazed, I wanted to give a glazed boxy a shot.  That was last fall when I bought my first boxy - Rhone Blooms

When the package arrived at my front door that Saturday afternoon, I almost jumped on the UPS guy out of thrill. After I opened the box and realized how Big and Gorgeous it was, I was more than satisfied.  I remembered I had to drag my husband and the baby out of the door on that raining day only because I just had to carry it and show it to the world. 

The boxy is so spacious I could fit whatever I needed for Emily and myself.  I am able to pack her little board books, a sweater, a set of change of clothes, a receiving blanket for the winter, 4 bottles, one pack of Costco wipes (100 counts), some snacks, my wallet, my cosmetic bag, my coupon folder, and of course my iphone. And there is still room left over for my husband's keys which he asks me to carry and annoys me a bit.

The boxy offers 3 carry options.  On the shoulders, as a messenger bag, or on the stroller.  The valet clips Do Not come with the boxy backpacks, and are sold separetly for $19.00 each set.  It's a good investment however, it allows the bag to hang perfectly on the stroller and gives your back a break. 

*Be careful though, if you have an umbrella stroller, you'd have to make sure the stroller doesn't flip especially if the baby is lighter than the bag.  I've had my Maclaren tip over several times but luckly Emily wasn't in it. (Now we own a Baby Jogger City Select, the stroller is much sturdier and doesn't budge a bit! I am much happier to say the least!)

Sadly in November, I had to let my Rhone Blooms go.  My then long hair was constantly getting caught by the shoulder straps and was making it very uncomfortable to carry.  This February, my husband finally begged me to get a haircut, which adds something else to my shopping list, a Heirloom Backpack! My husband did say it was stupid of me to get rid of the bag and now asking for another one.

Stay tuned on how irresistible the 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Heirloom Boxy Backpack is...

Do you have a favorite boxy? Share yours!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

::Sale:: Favorites Outlet Sale

Sales 3/24 - 3/29 at Petunia Pickle Bottom Outlet

Few times a year, Petunia Pickle Bottom hosts their favorites outlet sale. Every single one of this sale's profits' proceed go toward a cause. Just few months ago, they wanted to raise money for Haiti and therefore, a surprise outlet sale. Every Spring, the outlet sale benefits the March of Dimes, a charible organization that helps families with premature babies.
Sale items include past seasons as well as discontinued patterns.

There are two categories at the outlet sale:
* Discontinued Classic - These are perfect Petunia products no longer offered in stores. At the end of each season, Petunia is left with a handful of stock that we no longer offer in our stores. Even these products are from seasons past, we still stand behind their quality and style.

*Certified Second - A certified second is a product that has one or more issues that restrict us from selling them as new or perfect. However, all of our certifed seconds do have minor flaws.

So, what did you score at the outlet sale?

::Share the Love:: Blog Introduction

::My birthday presents::

This starts my journey for all the love I have developed for Petunia Pickle Bottom. I was first introduced to Petunia after I just had Emily. My sister had a baby six weeks later, and my cousin bought her a Sparrow on the Scene Touring Tote. I knew there were lots of diaper bags out there, but couldn't afford anything at top dollars. Most brands I looked into were Coach, Juicy Couture, Kate Spade, and Pottery Barn kids. Even though I spent early $200 on a multi-functional Coach tote to use as a diaper bag, I was ready to part with it only a few uses later. So before I even saw this touring tote, I was not even curious as to see why anyone would be giving someone a diaper bag when there is really nothing out there. I was dead wrong! When I had my hands on the bag, I was in LOVE. The detail and beauty are like no other, the thoughtfulness the designers had put into the bag is miraculous. So many pockets, so many accessories, and it goes on a stroller so easily! You can just guess the first thing I googled after seeing that gorgeous baby when I got home.

It's simple. Petunia Pickle Bottom.

But I must have miss spelled it so many times. Petunia Picklebottom, Petunia Pickle Button, Petunia Picckle Bottom.

Not Anymore!
I can spell it backwards if I wanted to.

My first Petunia was purchased at the outlet sale in Spring 2009. Did not do much research, did not have any clues on glazed and whatever, just went with a pattern that I loved. I picked Morning in Mumbai. Loved the name, Loved the color, The price was right, Scored One!

The purpose of this blog is to share the love of Petunia. Going through a long pregnancy, giving birth, and waking up to nurse can all stress a mommy out. But Petunia has the power to make you feel better, prettier, and happier. I look at my Petunias and wonder where I should go with Emily this weekend. I want to show off my baby and my petunia!

This year marks the 10th year for Petunia. Coincidentally, it also marks my 10th year in the US. I would never have thought I would be the luckiest mommy in the world ten years ago when I couldn't even place an order on the phone because of my limited English proficiency. I wouldn't have known I'd have a wonderful husband who would call me Petunia Honey just to get my attention. I wouldn't have known I'd have in-laws who don't mind getting me the Heirloom Backpack for no special occasion. It's love.

We share so much love through her:: Petunia Pickle Bottom::