Wednesday, February 20, 2013

TOMS on sale? Yes, please!

TOMS on sale at Zulily RIGHT NOW! It's very rare to see discounted TOMS. :) 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

HOT! Petunia Pickle Bottom on the Mini Social for 48 hours!

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From the Mini Social -
More than three little words, Petunia Pickle Bottom is a lifestyle—a different way of looking at the world. And perhaps nowhere else is that difference more distinct, unique or decidedly fashionable than in the Petunia products themselves. A perennial exhibit of bold lines, daring colors and darling designer details, Petunia Pickle Bottom was created for the steadfast sophisticate inside every woman. Silk brocades, hand-woven tweeds, plush chenille, intricate cut velvets, and exquisitely detailed embroidery—every one a Petunia hallmark, and every one an expression of motherhood’s myriad facets.

Those Baby Legs!

You know it's one of these unpredictable breezy evenings in Atlanta, I am thankful for my babylegs. I own several pairs, okay, about 50, for my two girls. This is Emily at age 17 months wearing "I love Mommy" on Mother's day. 1.5 years later, her sister is wearing this exact pair, still look spanking new! They are perfect for daycare as they may come off when the temperature rises and so easy for diaper changes.
Sophie in her organic baby legs

Sophie in her babylegs tights

Emily in her strawberry baby legs

Just a kid tired of waiting in the car...

You can purchase these adorable, functional, and hip baby legs at mom4life.
I have shopped at mom4life numerous times, and they provide the highest customer care hands-down!
Or check out these Summer babylegs!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Oh My Goodness Chocolate!!!

If you are like me, crave for chocolate, love to entertain, and think chocolate fondue is the hottest snack to serve at a party, you will LOVE Velata!!!!
Velata is a new brand created by Scentsy. The chocolate fondue warmers come in 18 designs and will launch May 1, 2012!  The contemporary design will blow you away!!!
These make the BEST Mother's Day Gift, Graduation Gift, or an indulgent of your own. You will not want to miss it. Book a party with me or join my team NOW!
Starter kit is only $99 and you will own the best opportunity of your life!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Free Sample and Catalog!

Contact me if you are interested in obtaining a NEW Spring/Summer Scentsy catalog and a free sample. I am happy to send one your way.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

10% off Scentsy!

Are you tired of being nervous about burning candles in your house? We all know how calm the fragrance can bring and it invisibly dresses up the room. However, did you know that some candles contain metal wicks and therefore can cause serious illness or death? The danger of fire coming from burning candles has been a known problem for centuries!

Scentsy, however, uses low wattage light bulbs that slowly warm the scented wax in a ceramic warmer. Its innovative design comes with safty and health in mind. If you are like me, parent with kids and pets living in the household, you need to seriously consider dumping all the candles in the gabarge can, now! Try plugging Scentsy in your kitchen or bedroom, and you will experience a scentsational spa. Scentsy has the highest standards for their products so I can assure you every piece of product you purchase is top-notch and uniformed quality.

I am a Scentsy consultant and a mentor. Contact me to buy, host a party, or join Scentsy! This can't be a more perfect timing. We are in the middle of transitioning to Spring/Summer, so when you sign up now, you will be receiving both fall/winter AND spring/summer testers+marketing materials.

And most items are 10% off in my Scentsy Shop in February!!! Try or stock up now!!!

Love your college? Check out Campus Collection!

Smelly office? Stinky kitchen? Try Scentsy Plug-ins!

Each Buddy features a zippered pocket to hold scrumptious Scentsy fragrance. Just insert a Scent Pak™ and bring your Buddy to life with comforting scent. Check out these adorable Scentsy Buddies!

All Scentsy bars are scented. Scentsy offers over 80 scents so you can always dress your room according to your mood. All Scentsy bars are 10% off in February! Check them out here.