Sunday, March 28, 2010

::Review:: India Ink Clutch

When I first knew the existence of a Petunia clutch, it was a glimpse through the profile photos online.  Of course when I compared the price of a clutch to that of a touring tote, I wasn't convinced that it'd be worth it.  The thought of fitting diapers and wipes into a clutch just didn't make sense.  Not until I saw it in person at Neiman Marcus last summer, I was shocked at how large it looks in real life.  

Then this February, I was very lucky to be the winner of a gift certificate to Polka Dot Panda when I referred 10 friends to become their fan on facebook.  It was a really good amount that (almost) covered the price of a clutch.  I didn't know I would like India Ink, but the more I looked at the profile picture, I was more convinced that would fit my style perfectly. (Talk about obsession!) 

Since this is my first clutch, I was anxious to see how I would "wear it" and how much stuff it'd fit.  The clutch comes with a built-in matching changing pad and comes with a black Petunia wipes case.  I never use the changing pad even with my other bags, and always carry the travel-sized wipes, so I remove the changing pad and the wipes case out to have lots of room left.  


One downside about the clutch I have to admit is that the strap is rather thin and it'd cut into your elbow when it's filled up.  On the Petunia profile photos of the clutches, they go on some strollers with no problem.  Since I choose my Baby Jogger over the Maclaren Quest that is now sitting in the garage...I have to either keep it on my elbow or in the stroller storage.  For a clutch this gorgeous, I really don't mind torturing my body once awhile.   
The newly designed 2010 Spring Collection clutches now all have the convertible straps, woo hoo!!! Can't wait to do a review on one of those babies!  


  1. wow ,I did not think I would like the India ink but that is beautiful :)

  2. Why wouldn't you just use PPB stroller clips?

  3. Thanks! I just purchased a 2011 clutch and was wondering how much I'd be able to fit.