Tuesday, March 30, 2010

::Review::Chocolate Cherry Cake Carryall

Your heart just skipped a second!

It's okay, that's what happened to me when I first saw the stock picture of this CAKE! 

First of all, I wasn't a CAKE person.  The fabric reminded me of carpet and the print reminded me of some old antique chair covered in dust in the corner of a thrift store.  Why would I want to carry a bag that reminds me of all these things? 

Then like the lightening strike, one day, I was just drawn into the beauty of this scrumptious cake that I can actually keep diapers in it.  Thanks to my dear PPB FB fans! So many PPB mamas have the cakes in either carryall or satchel.  I was debating whether I should go with the carryall or the society satchel.  Of course they look completely different, I also had to consider the Heirloom boxy I already had might look similar to that of a society satchel's. 

For my birthday this year, my MIL again, asked me for my birthday wish list. I said I wanted a "purse".  She said, oh! let me know which one you want and I'll get it for you.  I was very hesitant since the price of this big piece of cake is not easy to swallow.  That same night my husband asked me the same question and so I "suggested", you and Mom can get me a combined gift! ----And he agreed!---I believe I had a cake dream that very night (and the nights followed) 

If you are wondering if this is the bag for you, let me ask you...are you looking for something fancy that doesn't look like a diaper bag AT ALL? The carryall is so much like a Coach multifunctional tote but the fabric and colors are much richer and classic.  I'd say any color that CAKE comes in goes with your everyday or work outfit.  I thought the bag would look too fancy for my work cloth, but it actually turns out to be a plus.  I am now using it for work five days a week and have not stopped getting compliments on how pretty my new "purse" is!  When I inform people it's a diaper bag, they reacted weirdly, "why do you carry a diaper bag to work?" or "I can totally rock that and I don't need a baby!" Heck yeah, good for you! Seriously, every mommy needs one of this fancy cake carryalls for a nice dinner out with the husband and with or without the kiddos.  I prefer to take it to a bit nicer restaurant since my boxy backpack looks bulky sitting on a chair next to me.  (Aside from I just want to show it off!)

How can you not resist the zippers? I mean...they are cake zippers...
The shoulder straps are removable  and a messenger strap can be attached in 2 seconds! 

Someone asked me where I got my cake so I thought I would share
Polka Dot Panda! Sold out!
Pistachio Layer Cake still available, but selling out quickly!


  1. You crack me up everyday!! I love reading your funny but informative PPB posts. I think you and me both had a "coming to CAKE" moment about the same time!! and now because of your Pistachio pictures I am in LOVE!! Keep em coming

  2. Chelsea, I feel for the PPB fan page because of you! You are such a good deal hunter!! Thanks for all your help and encouragement!

  3. I gottcha :) Why are you selling your Pist. SS??I just love it and wish I had seen a better picture before my purchase of my black one. I could have put $125 toward my camera :( oh well I still love it.

  4. I was curious to know if you may know where to find a chocolate cherry cake satchel? I'd like to have one and my baby girl is due April 6th :)

  5. Hi Lisa,
    Occasionally those pop up on ebay, you should probably wait it out. I know your due date is coming up quickly though. How about the berry chiffon cake society satchel? It is beautiful and suitable for what you are looking for. Good luck! :)