Saturday, March 27, 2010

::Review:: Heirloom Boxy Backpack

According to Petunia, the Heirloom is described as - 

Striking a pitch-perfect balance between classic charm and modern sensibility, our LIMITED EDITION 10th anniversary fabric is a showcase of our most adored and iconic patterns, woven into one.

To me, it's - oh my! oh my! the color combination is flawless and oh, I can see myself carrying it Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter! Yes, it is THAT perfect! I remembered seeing it the first time on Facebook when Petunia announced the giveaway contest.  I was already in bed, ready to set the alarm and go night night.  Then this gorgeous appears on my screen, I had to zoom in, zoom in, zoom in even more and I think my heart stopped beating for a whole second.  My first reaction was, I HAD to win the contest.  It was a 10 week long contest and you can only enter for the drawing IF you can identify a swatch of a pattern before anyone else.  Of course I knew all of the patterns but working full-time stops me from being the first 50 fans to respond.  

When I realized there was a very minimal chance for me to win the bag, I googled to see if any secret online retailer sells it.  It was the beginning of February.  Nobody offered it and I was pretty upset.  Then Petunia announced one day on Facebook the bag would be released on 2.23.2010, I was beyond thrilled.  When that day finally came, I went straight to Petunia Online Store, added to the shopping cart, just when I realized the price tag was $40 more than the original boxy backpacks! Ouch, a bucket of ice water just poured over my head.  I had to calm down and re-evaluate my needs and wants.  

The thought of owning one of these babies never went away for one second.  I did try to convince myself maybe I don't need anymore pricy diaper bags, maybe Skip Hop would be just as good, maybe the looks don't matter.  I actually went to Babies R Us and put on my trusting cap and started searching for one.  Do you know diaper bags these days cost more than $50 even if they have Winnie the Pooh or Pink Polka Dots on them? My husband was trying to convince me to get the Skip Hop Double Deluxe and we did get to see one in person.  Not sure where the Deluxe name come from...there is nothing deluxe to it in my opinion.  

I am so proud of myself not giving in, because a few days later, my sweet mother-in-law and I were chatting on gmail and she asked me if there was anything I NEED right away for the new baby.   I said, maybe a diaper bag.  She said, "oh! the one you blogged about? That one is pretty!" And of course a day later, my mother-in-law placed the order on the phone with Polka Dot Panda who was referred by my PPB friend Chelsea.  

The bag was on back order for TWO WEEKS, but when it finally arrived during the promised time, I held the bag to my chest and just squeaked! By the way, I had the bag shipped to my work and all the female coworkers were amazed at how delicate and sophisticated diaper bags have become. I did have to remind them not just any diaper bag, it's got to be Petunia Pickle Bottom. 

The photos below show you how spacious the boxy backpacks are and ways to carry.  
I did not have the shoulder straps with me to show you how it looks on my back...but you get the idea... 

Now these will show you how much you can fit in any of the boxy backpacks...


 I hope you enjoyed reading about the Heirloom, tell me how much you like it or if you are thinking of getting one. :)  
(Hurry! It's a limited edition!) 


  1. I love this bag, even more beautiful in the real life photos. Congrats on your new addition!

  2. Very fun review! That was so sweet of your mother-in-law! Does the large amount of velcro on the front of the bag not bother you at all? I have a Touring Tote but am needing something bigger for our two little ones for our trip to France this summer...

  3. Also, is that a Bugaboo or the new Baby Jogger City Select you are pushing? It's hard to tell from the photos...thanks! :)

  4. Hi Deborah! Thanks for reading my blog and commenting on it! The velcro does not bother me like it does to other boxy owners. I do need to pay attention to the clothing I'm wearing when opening and closing the flap. The bag would be perfect for traveling especially for can easily wipe down the glazed material esp after a short train ride!
    I love my baby jogger city select! It's like a bunk bed on a stroller! We are going to add a second seat to it when little pea is born, for now it's a single stroller! I really love it, less expensive than the bugaboo, too!! (got it from chit chat baby, it arrived the day after I ordered it!!)

  5. Gee, I wish my mother in law would buy me something nice...

    Thanks for the review and the extra photos. It is so hard to tell in the offical PPB photos how the bag will really look and carry, and to see with reallt stuff in it.

  6. Love the bag!!! Wish I could afford another one. I got the Black Currant a month before this one came out. If I only knew. :(

  7. Thanks for reviewing it Vivian! I soo adore this bag! I finally held one in my arms yesterday while shopping for a convertible carseat...putting it down was the hardest thing I had to do in long long while! Thanks to Babysteal and the PPB, my cc is currently on "sabbatical"! ;P

  8. Hey Meli - I am sure you can afford one one day. Keep it on top of your wish list!

    Hey Leah - My motivation comes from all the PPB fans, I can't be happier nowadays constructing my blog. :) Babysteal is really a dangerous place to be! haha...