Tuesday, January 25, 2011

::Sale:: The Mini Social

Well, it's been awhile since there is a good ppb sale.  Here are two good ones: The Mini Social and Nordstrom.
Reg $169 Now $87 @ The Mini Social

Reg. $210 Now $139 @ Nordstrom

Reg $110 Now $72 @ Nordstrom

There will only be 3 boxy backpacks and 3 cake clutches offered at the mini social tomorrow starting at 11 est. I keep on wondering, how many of these cake clutches are left in this whole wide world??? With babysteals, outlet sales, surprise sales, and sales, sales, sales....are these just never ending? I hope these sell out or I am just going to snatch one.  Oh wait, I will never wear it without the shoulder strap! However, it's a PPB Cake at a frugal price tag of $81. Plus, use code jan11ship to score free shipping! So, you might just be able to impress a boss who is having a baby with THAT without spending a fortune. :)
Reg. $135 Now $81@ The Mini Social

* Personally, baby bjorn almost killed my shoulders/ back. I wouldn't use this carrier.  My all time favorite baby carrier is bECO! I also recommend PAXbaby if you are ever looking into getting one. :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

::Cake:: Spring, 2011

While waiting for rice to be cooked, I clicked, clicked, and stumbled across this...

It certainly is another delicious CAKE.  The shape reminds me of the Sashay Satchel from the fall 2010 line, but the look is way classier. I wonder if the straps are the same as the ones on the Sashay Satchels.  Also, it might look silly to be wearing backpack style. Who knows? It sure will be perfect on your shoulder, stroller, and in your office! 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Parisian Pansy Touring Tote


Oldies but goodies! I am not a pink mom even with two baby girls.  The hello kitty pink? No, thanks! There is no reason to accessorize in so called girlie colors because you worrying about what others think. If they want to think of your little man as a girl...alrighty then.  They are strangers, who cares? Yet when I came across the Parisian Pansy Touring Tote by PPB, I thought the pink was romantic and its softness reminds me of a mother's love and care.  It sure is girlie, the kind that I would go for at least.