Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Lately I have switched my PPB obsession to JuJuBe! What? You heard that right! Never cared for their prints, loved the organization and all, but not a fan of busy prints. Yet, when I saw the marvelous mums BFF at Nordstrom 2 months ago, I had to tap myself on the head many times to make sure I am thinking straight.  I stood there and felt the bag, it was amazingly lightweight. My husband was very surprised to see me being sucked into a bag that isn't a PPB.

Yeah, it was pretty, but not enough to convince me to convert me yet! Well, when babysteals held the contest and revealed the new blossoms prints, I could only hold my breath. Now THAT is a perfect match! You've got mommy pockets (and a pouch for your sunglasses), machine washable bags, padded shoulder straps, a messenger straps, and the new delightful prints. So I was sold.

Here are my new Cobalt Blossoms BFF and Cobalt Blossoms Be Quick

For now, my JuJuBe will replace the boxy backpack as well as the touring totes. The pockets and washable options just win it all. Hopefully PPB will one day improve the issues with the glazed bags.  Less heavy and more clean-ability? I know some stains can be wiped off, however, the blue stain comes from my jeans don't seem to come off.

I think it's time to rename this blog. 
Although, when exactly are the new cake coming out?