Monday, July 19, 2010

::Deal::Private Sale at Rue La La

ooh la la!!

Who wouldn't LOVE another Petunia sale, or private sale for the matter? When was the last time you paid full price in this economy? If you are a hot mama who is smart at accessorizing at a great deal, this is the place to shop! 
Rue la la is having a huge Petunia Pickle Bottom sale starting today at 11 AM est and ends 7/21 11 AM est. 
Who is hungry for some dessert? 
Want a cake at a steal?
 I thought the Pistachio Layer Cake Carryalls were sold out! 
Original $349 Sale $199

Girl Organic 3 pc Swaddle Blankets - These are the softest cotton! I just wrapped my new baby in these and she snoozes in them in style! 
Original $79 Sale $45

Saturday, July 10, 2010

::Review:: Limited Edition PPB Boxy Backpacks at Nordstrom

I am not familiar with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  Obviously if I had a Nordie's card, I'd be in so much more trouble than I already am.  Several mamas on the Petunia Mama's page were able to get an appointment to sneak peek at the Petunia Pickle Bottom boxy backpacks that are specially designed for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  I think this might be a once a year deal and when they are out, they are out.  The best part about these LE bags is the price.  You only pay $99+tax during the pre-sale or sale, instead of the regular $167+tax! A delicious Petunia Boxy for $99 is a steal, and think about one else will have it since it's only exclusively sold at Nordie's!

There are three patterns, but I only saw two at the store.   

Meander in Marseilles
To me one looks similar to that of the India Ink color scheme but the pattern is almost the same as the Strolling in Salzburg. 

  Wandering Through Wales
The other one's pattern is close to that of Rhone Blooms and the color scheme is the same as Misty Shanghai. I definitely drooled. 

Thanks to my dear Petunia Mama Jill who first shared the stock photos on the Nordstrom Anniversary Catalog!! 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

::Review:: India Ink Touring Tote

How many of you need a purse that can serve as a beautiful diaper bag? My first Petunia was indeed a touring tote ( Morning in Mumbai to be exact!). It was love at first sight. Being my first Petunia, its vibrant color scheme just blew me away the day I received it...Of course and every time I get the " That's a diaper bag???!!!" scream from a random stranger or a coworker.

The touring totes can be quite lovable and useful! I find the long messenger strap to be extremely comfortable on my shoulder and only use the short hobo strap when it's hung on a stroller. There's really no need to switch the straps back and forth though as the long messenger is adjustable. Did I mention it hangs on the stroller? A set of well made Petunia valet clips are included in every touring tote! If you are like me who carries a 18oz. Kleen Kanteen bottle, you'd be so happy that it fits in the bottle holders.  One holder for the sippy, and the other for the mommy who gets real thirsty after chasing the toddler around.

As my Petunia fever burst this Spring, I crazily searched for the classic pattern- India Ink. I fell in love with the clutch and once realized the touring tote was discounted and hard to find... man! That definitely put me on an urge to located one. Petunia is a collectible brand, have you realized?

To top its functionality, the India ink Touring Tote is now the home of my new iPad. I think they are love at first sight as well :) Steve Jobs cannot compete with THAT! (let alone they don't even produce enough iPad cases for all the iPads they manufacture?)

To buy one: Madison and Friends 

Friday, July 2, 2010

::Sale:: Tranquil Tibet Boxy $112.34 Shipped!

GAP is having a July 4th sale online with code GAPJULY4. You get 25% off + Free Shipping! I went straight to the baby gear and found you the last Petunia Pickle Bottom that's left in stock - Tranquil Tibet Boxy! Apply the code and you'll get $112.34 including tax and shipping!! Hurry there now!