Monday, March 29, 2010

::FAQ:: Cross Town Clutch

Frenquently Asked Questions reagarding the Petunia Pickle Bottom crossing town clutches

Q: How big is it? It seems small to me.
A: Dimensions of Clutch: 12 x 8 x 4.5 in.  The clutch comes with a 23 in. diameter changing pad and a standard sized wipes case.  There are two pockets great for ointment, lip balm, and your cell phone.  There is a no more digging key fob.  You are able to fit two disposable diapers in it along with everything else.  Some moms like me remove the changing pad and the plastic wipes case to save room for other things such as a coupon folder and a wallet for grocery shopping.  So yes, it is a good size for a quick trip to the store with a baby.  

Q: Is the wristlet strap detachable? 
A: Yes, it is.  

Q: I know the new Spring 2010 collection clutches have the wrist straps that convert into shoulder straps, are they being sold separately for my older clutches?  
A: Sorry! The newly designed clutches have their own convertible straps but they aren't compatible for the past season clutches and they are also not sold separately.  (In another words, buy the new clutch if you are so bothered by it!)

Q: Are the cross town clutches glazed?
A: Yes! All of our cross town clutches are glazed which makes it easy to clean. 

Other questions? Just ask!! 

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  1. Great review! This made me even more excited to get mine!!