Thursday, October 7, 2010

::Sending a little LOVE::

As you and I are sitting in front of the computer screen sipping a cup of coffee, have you thought of someone less fortunate, who doesn't even have time to worry about his next FB status update? A Petunia friend on Facebook shared a tragic story of her brother's house being burnt down.  Luckily, his wife and four kids escaped safely.  Yet, I cannot imagine how painful it must be for the parents to worry about the well being of their children and meeting their needs; clothing, food..etc.  

We might not know each other face to face, but through a helping hand, the world becomes a bit more peaceful place.    

 I am donating a Petunia Pickle Bottom Frolicking in Fez Stroller Blanket for the silent auction I started. Bidding starts at $5.  Auction is scheduled to end Sunday night, Oct. 10.  

Go here if you are interested! A kind word or two is very much appreciated, too!!