Thursday, October 7, 2010

::Sending a little LOVE::

As you and I are sitting in front of the computer screen sipping a cup of coffee, have you thought of someone less fortunate, who doesn't even have time to worry about his next FB status update? A Petunia friend on Facebook shared a tragic story of her brother's house being burnt down.  Luckily, his wife and four kids escaped safely.  Yet, I cannot imagine how painful it must be for the parents to worry about the well being of their children and meeting their needs; clothing, food..etc.  

We might not know each other face to face, but through a helping hand, the world becomes a bit more peaceful place.    

 I am donating a Petunia Pickle Bottom Frolicking in Fez Stroller Blanket for the silent auction I started. Bidding starts at $5.  Auction is scheduled to end Sunday night, Oct. 10.  

Go here if you are interested! A kind word or two is very much appreciated, too!! 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

::Review::Daisy Dewdrops Sashay Satchel

Here is another print option for the Sashay Satchel! 

::Review::Sashay Satchel

How has the summer heat treating you mamas? I have been spending most of my vacation in the air conditioned room with my big belly and now with my NEWBORN! Hope everyone's had a wonderful time with the kiddos! Now, I know everyone including me has been anxiously awaiting for fall collection's debut.  The date is set - Sep. 15, 2010! Thought I saw somewhere on the facebook fanpage the new collection was due to come out in July, guess the summer heat has not been very motivating.

Well, if you are a fan on Petunia's fan page, which I know you are if you are reading styles will be released for fall 2010, and as I am writing this review, some Sashay Satchels have even been shipped to Nordstroms nationwide a month before they are available at retails! I heard there were three prints available for the Sashay Satchel, yet my Nordie only has two of the three - Rambling Rose and Daisydew Drops! So antsy to see the third one!

So here is my little review on the Sashay Satchel I have had for less than 12 hours.  I was in awe when I saw the Rambling Rose! So vibrant! Definitely a light weight diaper bag, too! The top handles are comfortable and gentle to your shoulders. The backpack option is an excellent bonus. (Although I wish the top handles were removable while carrying on my back) And again, pocket galore! 1 large front pocket(magnetic closure) with 2 mini pockets, 4 bottle pockets, 1 zipper pockets inside, 1 wipes case pocket, and 1 changing pad pocket! If you are like me who is in charge of holding husband's car keys, the key fob comes in handy, too!

Rambling Rose Sashay Satchel

Petunia! The same pull as the ones on the Touring Totes!
The front pocket took me by surprise! Magnetic closure with easy access with Mommy essentials! 
4 bottle pockets - 2 outer + 2 inner 
inner bottle pockets (one on each end)

PPB wipes case + Oversized changing pad (largest I have seen, which I'd definitely use! Not as plush as the ones in the Touring Toes or the Cake, but much bigger and when folded away it doesn't take up much space) 
Wipes Case + Changing Pad Pockets, Key fob, Zipper pocket
Backpack Option (see the 2 little pockets on both sides? That's where the backpack straps "hide", ingenious!!!)
Rambling Rose in the Sun
Petunia designs diaper bags with Mommy's multitasking needs in mind.
(I know, not my best hair day..well, she is 21 days old!)   

Sashay Satchel on a 5'5'' Mommy

Overall, it's a beautiful designer diaper bags with fashionable mommy's needs in mind.  The size is greater that the touring tote for sure, but not as roomy as the boxy.  Depends what kind of diaper bag packer you are, this bag may just be the right fit for you. And at $89? Maybe a perfect shower gift that'd blow the new mommy's mind away :) 

Monday, July 19, 2010

::Deal::Private Sale at Rue La La

ooh la la!!

Who wouldn't LOVE another Petunia sale, or private sale for the matter? When was the last time you paid full price in this economy? If you are a hot mama who is smart at accessorizing at a great deal, this is the place to shop! 
Rue la la is having a huge Petunia Pickle Bottom sale starting today at 11 AM est and ends 7/21 11 AM est. 
Who is hungry for some dessert? 
Want a cake at a steal?
 I thought the Pistachio Layer Cake Carryalls were sold out! 
Original $349 Sale $199

Girl Organic 3 pc Swaddle Blankets - These are the softest cotton! I just wrapped my new baby in these and she snoozes in them in style! 
Original $79 Sale $45

Saturday, July 10, 2010

::Review:: Limited Edition PPB Boxy Backpacks at Nordstrom

I am not familiar with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  Obviously if I had a Nordie's card, I'd be in so much more trouble than I already am.  Several mamas on the Petunia Mama's page were able to get an appointment to sneak peek at the Petunia Pickle Bottom boxy backpacks that are specially designed for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  I think this might be a once a year deal and when they are out, they are out.  The best part about these LE bags is the price.  You only pay $99+tax during the pre-sale or sale, instead of the regular $167+tax! A delicious Petunia Boxy for $99 is a steal, and think about one else will have it since it's only exclusively sold at Nordie's!

There are three patterns, but I only saw two at the store.   

Meander in Marseilles
To me one looks similar to that of the India Ink color scheme but the pattern is almost the same as the Strolling in Salzburg. 

  Wandering Through Wales
The other one's pattern is close to that of Rhone Blooms and the color scheme is the same as Misty Shanghai. I definitely drooled. 

Thanks to my dear Petunia Mama Jill who first shared the stock photos on the Nordstrom Anniversary Catalog!! 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

::Review:: India Ink Touring Tote

How many of you need a purse that can serve as a beautiful diaper bag? My first Petunia was indeed a touring tote ( Morning in Mumbai to be exact!). It was love at first sight. Being my first Petunia, its vibrant color scheme just blew me away the day I received it...Of course and every time I get the " That's a diaper bag???!!!" scream from a random stranger or a coworker.

The touring totes can be quite lovable and useful! I find the long messenger strap to be extremely comfortable on my shoulder and only use the short hobo strap when it's hung on a stroller. There's really no need to switch the straps back and forth though as the long messenger is adjustable. Did I mention it hangs on the stroller? A set of well made Petunia valet clips are included in every touring tote! If you are like me who carries a 18oz. Kleen Kanteen bottle, you'd be so happy that it fits in the bottle holders.  One holder for the sippy, and the other for the mommy who gets real thirsty after chasing the toddler around.

As my Petunia fever burst this Spring, I crazily searched for the classic pattern- India Ink. I fell in love with the clutch and once realized the touring tote was discounted and hard to find... man! That definitely put me on an urge to located one. Petunia is a collectible brand, have you realized?

To top its functionality, the India ink Touring Tote is now the home of my new iPad. I think they are love at first sight as well :) Steve Jobs cannot compete with THAT! (let alone they don't even produce enough iPad cases for all the iPads they manufacture?)

To buy one: Madison and Friends 

Friday, July 2, 2010

::Sale:: Tranquil Tibet Boxy $112.34 Shipped!

GAP is having a July 4th sale online with code GAPJULY4. You get 25% off + Free Shipping! I went straight to the baby gear and found you the last Petunia Pickle Bottom that's left in stock - Tranquil Tibet Boxy! Apply the code and you'll get $112.34 including tax and shipping!! Hurry there now!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

::Sale:: Surprise Two Day Sale 6/29-6/30!

When: 6/29-6/30 9PST/12EST

What: Touring Totes, 
Sojourn Slings, 
Boxy Backpacks, 
Sightseer Carriers, 
Layette Gift Sets,  
Cross Town Clutches

Who: US Residents (Sorry Sarah! I know it sucks they don't ship to Canada!)
Many new or die hard Petunia fans have been dying for another outlet sale.  Last night around 9pm EST, Petunia announced the news that makes every PPB mama do the happy dance! It's the 2 Day Surprise Outlet Sale!!!
The first detail I searched for was WHAT was going to be included in the sale.  Now, I don't see CAKE and I am just a little down about that.  Don't get me wrong, all PPB products are gorgeous, but it's just that CAKE who always gets me.  
This is definitely a perfect opportunity for any PPB fan to stock up on bags to give out at baby showers or add on to the existing collections.  I'd say you can never go wrong with the touring totes and the boxy backpacks.  Touring totes can be used as diaper bags or purses and the boxy backpacks are roomy enough for a long day out or if you have two kids' worth of stuff.  (Or if you tend to over pack like I do) 
Have fun mama's! 
Oh I really can't believe there really IS some CAKE to make my drool.  Too bad the only carryall included in the outlet sale is the Mocha Berry Cream Cake...not really my kind of cake, but good deal at $209! If you want a cake carryall, try Polka Dot Panda, they still have some Pistachio Layer Cake Carryalls left.  Not at $209 but not the original $349 either! 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

How much can a Cosmopolitan Carryall hold?

It is very likely for someone who's never seen the Petunia Pickle Bottom Cosmopolitan Carryall in person mistaken it as a beautiful purse that "is not" very functional. If you do get one because you have this exceptional taste...I assure you someone might stop you somewhere and compliment on that gorgeous thing on your shoulder and as you start telling her what your baby's name is, she actually meant, no! that "other" baby on your "other" shoulder.  Ha, I know that is enough to make you blush.  You love the attention your CAKE brings you, but you often wonder if it's stealing the spotlight off of your charming little princess wooing away in the Bugaboo. 

A lot of times, beauty and functionality don't go hand-in-hand.  Yet recent years, lots of talented baby product designers have turned the baby retail world upside down and inside out.  Has Petunia Pickle Bottom done her homework? Oh yeah, since like a decade ago! Although the Cake collection has just made its appearance in recent years, the cosmopolitan carryall has become fashionable moms who don't want to give up function an easy way out.  We no longer have to pay top $ for a Burberry diaper bag that, well, breaks your arm and bank. 

Here is how Petunia present it:
Vintage style meets current-day functionality for the sophisticated mom on the go! This doctor style bag is done in aster pink and chocolate European cut velvet with coordinating aster pink wool tweed and aster pink lining. Versatile bag features detachable padded shoulder straps and a detachable messenger-style strap. Additional features include zippered changing station with plush pad and wipes case, interior key clip, two interior and two exterior bottle pockets, exterior cell phone pocket, and three internal and three external pockets.

These photos will wow you..see just how much you are able to fit in this baby!

The key clip is a life saver and all the pockets keep you organized!

As you can see...I was able to fit 2 wide-neck bottles plus all the other essentials!

One of my favorites - 2 back pockets
This is where I keep my hand lotion, lip balm, and iPhone.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

::Deal:: PPB on Billion Dollar Babes this Friday 5/28!

Expecting huge discounts on Petunia Pickle Bottom slings, diaper bags, and baby blankets...
Mommy and Baby don't have to break the bank to be in style! 

::Review::Red Velvet Cake Cosmopolitan Carryall

Yes, another cake.  I do realize how many reviews I have done on Cake, but I just can't help it.  Now you already know its functionality, I want you to focus on the true unresistingly delicious color palate on each one of them.

Why red? So bald and unmistakably sexy! I'd guess most moms dream about going back to their childless era and rock their Gucci bags down the street in skinny jeans and high heels once awhile.  It is not impossible, but we as mothers sacrifice fashion for function and sometimes we no longer accessorize to impress.  If a diaper bag has got all the pockets, diapers are refilled, wipes are in place, snacks are within reach, change of clothes are packed...and with that unbeatable smile on our angel's face, it brings the greatest feeling in the world.  But don't stop right there, you no longer have to substitute Vintage Chanel for Winnie the Pooh, Petunia has baked you a beautiful and functional cake that carries all the necessities above and make you feel confident and gorgeous again!

Many of my non-mommy friends always question my expenses on diaper bags (just PPB to be exact) because they believe it's just a bag that holds "dirty" baby stuff and gets poop on.  Wait, no! My PPB has always stayed put on the stroller handle or on a clean surface.  My husband even appreciates how well made and lovely these babies are, he looks over at me to receive instructions on where to place it in public.  And to add to it, you never plop any purse down on a floor! No matter how much it costs.  The germs attached to the bottom of the bag just won't cut it for your family's health.
Now many of you already know the Red Velvet Cake is the limited edition... It will be gone before you know it so order yours while you still can! 

Monday, May 10, 2010

::Review::Scout Rubicon Rucksack

What could be a better gift to a dad who appreciates fashion and quality time spent with his baby?
A Petunia Pickle Bottom Scout Rubicon Rucksack.

I never paid much attention to PPB's daddy bags until I have collected 'enough' PPB for myself and still had the shop-holism in me that screams 'MORE' and that's when I looked into the hippest daddy bag on the diaper bag market.

Before Emily was born, I searched high and low for a daddy bag that my husband would use, something that is not pink.  I got him a backpack made by Pottery Barn Kids and had his initials monogrammed in the center.  That backpack was actually spacious, comfy to wear and very versatile, just what a dad needs.  Back then, when I was so frustrated with my ever so annoying diaper bags, I would even borrow his and just pretended function is all that matters.  For $35.00, that was worth every penny. (I apologize I have not one clear photo of that poor bag...I also just realized I never used to take profile pictures of bags or people's backs...)

Now of course when a PPB mom is born, so is a PPB dad, right? The Scout collection was very refreshing yet confusing to me.  I did not understand the difference between the journey pack and the Rubicon Rucksack.  But to sum up, the journey pack is a smaller diaper bag than the rubicon rucksack.  The Rubicon Rucksack converts into a laptop bag in just a few unsnaps and snaps.  If you are looking for something for your man to use for work and baby, the Rubicon Rucksack is the way to go.

How functional? It comes with the matching leather valet clips! How luxurious! It's made way better than the $19.00 valet clips we buy to go with the boxy backpack.  It works the same way, just velcro, clip, and go! If not using the stroller, my husband prefers wearing it across the body messenger style, way cool!  The strap is adjustable, too!

How spacious? We are having a newborn arriving in July, so bottles, wipes, diapers pockets are must haves.  Just like the boxies, it's got 4 bottle pockets that'd fit wide neck bottles or sippy cups. Each pocket is huge, even a 100-count Costco wipes fit in it without being snug.  Most pockets for utensils on the go, bibs, a cell phone holder, and plenty of space left for board books or toys.

Now I just have to convince my husband to wear it to work and not worry so much about ruin it.  He loves it tremendously he keeps it in the dust bag and only uses it on the weekend.  It's his special treat,  he says. :)

Friday, April 30, 2010

::Giveaway:: Shopper Tote

WoW! How I have enjoyed reading all your creative entries. 
I definitely think you all should be part of the Petunia bags naming team!
I am happy to announce the winner for the shopper tote is.......
The Schoonvelds!!
Please message me via Facebook with your address and the shopper tote will be on its way!
Thanks everyone for participating!

Want a shopper tote for your next trip to the grocery store? Wanna be Green and stay Fabulous?
This could be yours!
Comment below with the most creative pattern name for a PPB.
A winner will be chosen randomly by
Deadline to enter is noon EST on May 6, 2010!
If you are not a follower yet, you MUST become one to leave a comment. 
Only one comment per follower counts. 
No peeking!

(Did I tell you how much I love you Petunia Mama's?)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

::Review:: Buttercream Cake Cosmopolitan Carryall

She is the girl who is unnoticeable, timid, sitting in the crowd with lips tightly closed.  Her band is perfect and so is her gesture.  Just sitting quietly and nobody really realizes her beauty until...

Buttercream Cake would be THAT girl and now I have noticed her, I am absolutely in love.  The Fall '09 and Spring '10 CAKE by Petunia Pickle Bottom are much different from the Spring '09 collection.  The Spring '09 collection included the Chocolate Cherry Cake and the Mocha Berry Cream Cake, both are two-tone colored. They are very flavorful, yes, and playful I would say.  

Don't mind my lack of words to describe its beauty.  I personally was speechless (in either my native tongue or English)...and yes I know I have used that expression for almost every single PPB. But what can I possibly say? yummmm.....

-According to PPB- 
Butter yellow European cut-velvet featuring a blooming tulip design bordered in Swiss dots and coordinating butter yellow wool tweed and butter yellow water resistant lining.

Hubby very kindly took photos of me on his sick day 


Baby Changing case you didn't know it was a...diaper bag, too.

TaDa!!!! Found the perfect stroller hooks for the carryall.  The Fall '09 and Spring '10 carryalls Do Not have the long strap.  Don't worry! Petunia Honey found you the perfect solution! These stroller hooks come in blank so they match all your strollers perfectly and now the CAKE is intact! 
Please tell me I am a genius...