Friday, March 26, 2010

::Review:: Boxy Backpacks

When I first came across a boxy backpack, I was at a children's boutique warehouse sale.  I wasn't really impressed.  I think it was a brocade fabric so the bag looked pretty flimsy and a bit sad sitting on the table.  A few weeks later when I realized I could no longer fit everything I needed into my Morning in Mumbai touring tote, I was on a mission for a bigger diaper bag.  I thought of a boxy.  I thought of how my touring tote was always easy to clean since it's glazed, I wanted to give a glazed boxy a shot.  That was last fall when I bought my first boxy - Rhone Blooms

When the package arrived at my front door that Saturday afternoon, I almost jumped on the UPS guy out of thrill. After I opened the box and realized how Big and Gorgeous it was, I was more than satisfied.  I remembered I had to drag my husband and the baby out of the door on that raining day only because I just had to carry it and show it to the world. 

The boxy is so spacious I could fit whatever I needed for Emily and myself.  I am able to pack her little board books, a sweater, a set of change of clothes, a receiving blanket for the winter, 4 bottles, one pack of Costco wipes (100 counts), some snacks, my wallet, my cosmetic bag, my coupon folder, and of course my iphone. And there is still room left over for my husband's keys which he asks me to carry and annoys me a bit.

The boxy offers 3 carry options.  On the shoulders, as a messenger bag, or on the stroller.  The valet clips Do Not come with the boxy backpacks, and are sold separetly for $19.00 each set.  It's a good investment however, it allows the bag to hang perfectly on the stroller and gives your back a break. 

*Be careful though, if you have an umbrella stroller, you'd have to make sure the stroller doesn't flip especially if the baby is lighter than the bag.  I've had my Maclaren tip over several times but luckly Emily wasn't in it. (Now we own a Baby Jogger City Select, the stroller is much sturdier and doesn't budge a bit! I am much happier to say the least!)

Sadly in November, I had to let my Rhone Blooms go.  My then long hair was constantly getting caught by the shoulder straps and was making it very uncomfortable to carry.  This February, my husband finally begged me to get a haircut, which adds something else to my shopping list, a Heirloom Backpack! My husband did say it was stupid of me to get rid of the bag and now asking for another one.

Stay tuned on how irresistible the 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Heirloom Boxy Backpack is...

Do you have a favorite boxy? Share yours!


  1. My favorite is the Heirloom but I have a black currant which I love too. Cool new blog! I always read your comments! Congrats Vivian :)

  2. Hey Meli! The Heirloom is just perfect, I will hurry up and do a review on it soon! Thanks for stopping by and becoming my follower! :)

  3. My first PPB was the songbird boxy. I wasn't "in love" as I am with my others. The sweater-like weave got sort of pilly and it made the bag feel very oversized. Although it held a ton the fabric ruined it for me. I now have a cameo, TT, and SS on the way (thank you outlet sale!) I plan on an Heirloom sometime this summer, I LOVE the glazed fabrics and I think the Heirloom colors are really nice for fall (hoping for a delicious new color Cosmo Carryall for fall too!)