Saturday, April 3, 2010

::Review:: Tea on the Thames Crosstown Clutch

The highly anticipated, newly designed convertible strap fro the crosstown clutches were finally released in Spring 2010! I had the opporunity to try out the Tea on the Thames yesterday when I specially had it ship to my in-laws' house for my spring break. (Thanks Denise!)

I was worried the strap would seem awkward since I couldn't see how the convertible strap looks when it's adjusted to be a shoulder strap on any of the stock photos. Of course the first thing I did when I took the out this gorgeous bag out of the plastic bag( how I love the petunia pickle bottom plastic bag,too!), I yanked out the tags, uncliped the wrist strap, clipped it to the end, placed it on my shoulder, ta-da!! Way better than the past season clutches, the strap isn't too thin so it doesn't cut into your shoulder even when it's filled up. Remember that feeling when you couldn't decide whether you should keep the clutch danglling and dragging your wrist down or keep it under the stroller or hold it under your arm but it's really bulky? Now all these problems are solved! It's a pocketbook by Petunia and it's goooorgeous all over again! Its function is making it more worthwhile and you can't keep it off of your shoulder!

It's a must have for PPB mommies, period. Pick your favorite clutch from the spring collection or move it up your mommy's day wish list, maybe alongside that cake you still wanted.

Here is my mother-in-law posting for me!
She wants one for Mother's Day, she said.


  1. The Cross Town Clutch is perfect! My very fashionable daughter-in-law wore it to my house, and it is just soooo beautiful and convenient! I am going to get one also, but first Vivian will help me decide which color to get for Mother's Day!

  2. Thank you! So great to see this review, especially with the exact same pattern I just ordered! I feel good about it - you would win medals in enabling you know...

  3. Wow, it looks so BIG as a purse! Seriously! I am going to add another new clutch to my wishlist!!

  4. Great review, great clutch! I love that fabric and how that strap converts. I just got a pistachio layer cake cameo clutch from the outlet sale. It is a little awkward- I wish it had the new option(I do still love it, though!). It would be nice if I could send it in and have them fix it to be that way. Not that this is the same, but some cloth diapers that previously were aplix only will convert your old aplix diapers with the new snaps. I think it would be great to do this for the old clutch design for a small fee.