Friday, March 26, 2010

::OMG:: Fan Friday

Petunia Pickle Bottom

We are declaring today FAN FRIDAY and honoring Vivian Liu for her love of Petunia, great facebook interactions, and genuine excitement for the brand. To celebrate we will be sending Vivian a shopping tote and she was able to ask the team at Petunia any question (will posted separately). Stay could be the next fan celebrated on a FAN FRIDAY!!!5 hours ago

Last Friday, just right before my iphone died, I received a personal message from Krista at Petunia.  
She basically told me that they appreciate my enthusiasm for the brand and would love for me to ask 
a question that will be answered by the founder and designer DeNai.  I was beyond thrilled to be receiving 
a message directly coming from PPB, and had to reply like the magic would just disappear. 

Here was the question I had on top of my head: 
Where did the cake inspiration come from? And thus the name?

Today they surprised me and gave me and everyone an excellent answer:

Petunia Pickle Bottom Vivian's question: Where did the cake inspiration come from? And thus the name?
Answer: We’ve always had an affinity for carpet bags of yesteryear. We worked very closely with a fabric mill to develop a modern day version of the fabrication. When our design came back from the mill it had this larger than life quality that gave way to the design and flavor of the bags. While the first samples were being made, we were hot and heavy in the brand development of this high-end collection. We had originally landed on calling the collection “PLUM,” but when the samples came back they looked like scrumptious layers of frosting on a cake and we immediately knew. That’s where the tag line “layered thick with style” came from and the moment CAKE by Petunia was born.

I have been truly overwhelmed by the genuine congrats our PPB fans have shared with me.  You guys really have the most sophisticated fashion sense and are the most helpful FB fans out there! 
Oh, and which shopper tote did I pick? I had to grab one that is available so I don't have to wait until 4/15.  Morning in Machu Picchu that is! 
(Of course Tea on the Thames stays on my PPB list until it's out!)

Thank you Petunia!! You have made my day, my (birthday) week, and my delightful PPB obsession more enjoyable!!! 


  1. Are they still doing Fan Friday? I thought they implied they would be continuing it, but didn't see any posts today.

  2. Krista, I think maybe it's not reoccuring...