Sunday, March 28, 2010

::FAQ:: Boxy Backpacks

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the boxy backpacks

Q: Do the stroller valet clips come with the boxy backpacks?
A: No, they can be purchased at Petunia Online or at any of the authorized PPB retailers for $19.00.

Q: Do the stroller valet clips come in different colors to match my boxy backpack?
A: The valet clips that are sold separately only come in black, unlike the ones that come with the touring totes.

Q: How many bottle pockets are in the boxy backpacks?
A: There are four bottle holders.  Two exterior and Two interior.  Both are wide enough for wide neck bottles.

Q: Which boxy backpacks in the Fall '09 and Spring '10 collections are glazed?
A: Fall '09 - Rhone BloomsTurkish TwilightDancing in Dublin, Morning in Machu Picchu 

Q: The looks between the boxy backpack and the shoulder bag are so similar, how do I choose what's right for me?
A: The boxy backpack offers three carrying options; on your shoulders, as a messenger bag, and it goes on the  stroller with or without the valet clips (depends on your stroller type).  The shoulder bag, however, is a messenger style bag.  It does also has 4 bottle pockets! In my opinion, you get more with the boxy backpacks because of the various carrying options they offer! You never know which days you will be chasing your little one down and with the bag on your back, you CAN do it!

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