Friday, April 30, 2010

::Giveaway:: Shopper Tote

WoW! How I have enjoyed reading all your creative entries. 
I definitely think you all should be part of the Petunia bags naming team!
I am happy to announce the winner for the shopper tote is.......
The Schoonvelds!!
Please message me via Facebook with your address and the shopper tote will be on its way!
Thanks everyone for participating!

Want a shopper tote for your next trip to the grocery store? Wanna be Green and stay Fabulous?
This could be yours!
Comment below with the most creative pattern name for a PPB.
A winner will be chosen randomly by
Deadline to enter is noon EST on May 6, 2010!
If you are not a follower yet, you MUST become one to leave a comment. 
Only one comment per follower counts. 
No peeking!

(Did I tell you how much I love you Petunia Mama's?)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

::Review:: Buttercream Cake Cosmopolitan Carryall

She is the girl who is unnoticeable, timid, sitting in the crowd with lips tightly closed.  Her band is perfect and so is her gesture.  Just sitting quietly and nobody really realizes her beauty until...

Buttercream Cake would be THAT girl and now I have noticed her, I am absolutely in love.  The Fall '09 and Spring '10 CAKE by Petunia Pickle Bottom are much different from the Spring '09 collection.  The Spring '09 collection included the Chocolate Cherry Cake and the Mocha Berry Cream Cake, both are two-tone colored. They are very flavorful, yes, and playful I would say.  

Don't mind my lack of words to describe its beauty.  I personally was speechless (in either my native tongue or English)...and yes I know I have used that expression for almost every single PPB. But what can I possibly say? yummmm.....

-According to PPB- 
Butter yellow European cut-velvet featuring a blooming tulip design bordered in Swiss dots and coordinating butter yellow wool tweed and butter yellow water resistant lining.

Hubby very kindly took photos of me on his sick day 


Baby Changing case you didn't know it was a...diaper bag, too.

TaDa!!!! Found the perfect stroller hooks for the carryall.  The Fall '09 and Spring '10 carryalls Do Not have the long strap.  Don't worry! Petunia Honey found you the perfect solution! These stroller hooks come in blank so they match all your strollers perfectly and now the CAKE is intact! 
Please tell me I am a genius...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

::Deal::PPB on Gilt...AGAIN!

Chocolate Cherry Cameo Clutch...mmmm....yum? 
Grab one now on Gilt for just $68! 
Many many more other deals, too!

Friday, April 23, 2010

::Giveaway:: Polka Dot Panda

Polka Dot Panda's Facebook fanpage is doing a giveaway! Go to Polka Dot Panda to see what you love and comment on what you would like to win.  You must leave a comment by 6pm EST 4/28, so become a fan today and you might have a chance to win a Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake! (Although we don't know what the giveaway prize would be yet, but the majority seems to favor the Cake!)

::Deal:: Heirloom Boxy Backpack $159.59 shipped! - Dead

This deal is Dead! Hopefully some of you were able to grab one!
Are you holding off not getting this limited edition Heirloom Backpack? I was searching for a pair of nice maternity skinny jeans online today and saw this baby for $167.00! What's even better? Use coupon code new2due and you will get an extra 10% off.  The total comes down to only $159.59 shipped!
(original $210.00)
Not too shabby...I can say!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day - Shopper Tote

Happy Earth Day! 
Do you still ask for plastic bags at the grocery store? STOP! Pick up one of the Petunia Pickle Bottom shopper totes and not only you are showing your love for Mother Earth, you also shop in style! 

Thanks to Petunia, I received a Morning in Machu Picchu shopper tote for free.  I wasn't crazy about getting grocery, but man, this shopper tote does light up my cart and remind me I am one of the green folks.  (Well, my friend Alyson is actually doing much more on her part! )


I love how the shopper tote folds and would easily fit in any of your Petunia bags.  These are must haves and great for the upcoming Teacher Appreciation Week!  At only $12.00 each, you will earn your child much love from her teacher. :) I know I would appreciate it! 
(Although I have been getting stuff from the $store for the past 3 years...)
And it fits perfectly in my Tea on the Thames cluth!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

::Deal::Petunia Pickle Bottom on Gilt 4/22 at noon EST

Petunia Pickle Bottom has returned to Gilt!
Looks like they will have some slings and giftables available.  Got a friend who is expecting or you have a newborn yourself? These are the most stylish baby accessories you would ever find, and at a fraction of retail!
Don't forget to sign up if you have not (It's Free!) and get ready to shop at noon 4/22!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

::Discussion:: What's on your Mother's Day wishlist?

A long nap or a day trip without the husband nor the kids? A nice and relaxing spa treatment at a beachfront resort? Spending quality time with the family but not worrying about planning it? Breakfast in bed from the significant other? Or simply a big box with a pretty ribbon on top that awaits you by the bedside when you open your eyes that Sunday morning...mmm.

My husband has planned a mini-trip for us this year. Hotel check! Dog boarding check! Itinerary check!

Now I know... when you are a mom, you have gotta sacrifice and there goes the vacation that entertains the kids and the only outfits you'd wear when out and about are not so flattering sometimes.  But, don't we all wish our husbands would understand us more and at least ask what we want?

Monday, April 19, 2010

::Discussion:: How do you spread the love?

Hello Petunia Mama's,

         How do you manage to rotate around your ohh-soo-fabulous Petunias? I am having this guilt.  It's been two weeks since I carried my Chocolate Cherry CAKE and the Tea on the Thames Clutch has been sitting quietly in the closet next to her other Petunias as well.  I am just so in love with my Black Licorice Pudding CAKE, I am torn.  I walk by them and try so hard to avoid any eye contact, but in my heart I want them to know I love them just as much.  I think my Black Licorice Pudding CAKE has also been shooting them all the "I am better" expression at them, but she IS the gorgeous baby, isn't she? Sigh...
        As a full-time working woman, I find my society satchel extremely practical because all my personal belongings and the lunch bag fit perfectly in it.  Now I don't have to worry about how my lunch bag miss-matches the bag. I should be able to spread my love to other Petunias on the weekend, right? Wrong.  I cannot put my society satchel down! There is actually not one second in my life right now I would be running in and out of the grocery store, it's all taken care of by my husband. And so the use of my clutch is out of the question.  I am a Petunia hoarder and I know it.  Aren't you? Do you feel guilty not rotating your Petunias evenly? Do you have a schedule down so you are not forgetting anyone? I need your tips!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

::Review:: Springtime in Surrey Stroller Blanket

Springtime in Surrey Stroller Blanket by Petunia Pickle Bottom 

This is one of those days you can't worry about what your baby is going to wear, but you do make sure you have necessities ready for a park.  I brought two blankets, one chenille blanket large enough for both Emily and I to sit on and the Springtime in Surrey for snuggling.  

Well, as soon as I laid the stroller blanket on top of the other one, Emily plopped herself down right in the middle and gave me the biggest grin!  I am a happy mommy when I know my baby is well surrounded by style and comfy! 

According to Petunia's website - A soft, stretchy blanket that features double layer organic cotton knit with print on one side and solid on the other, finished with coordinating solid color binding.

*Deal Alert...Morning in Machu Picchu Stroller Blanket now on Sale at Trenditikes (Reg. $46 Sale$39)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

::Giveaway:: $25 Sephora Gift Card

Congratulations to Lindsey Viscarra! 
Please inbox me your mailing address so the gift card can be on its way! 
Thanks everyone for your continued support. :) 

What: Sephora $25 Giftcard
How: (1) Just by becoming a blog follower, you will be entered for a drawing of one Sephora $25 giftcard.
         (2) For an even better chance of winning, become a fan on Petunia Mama's Facebook fanpage, and
         you will be entered twice!
When: When we reach 50 blog followers!

Monday, April 12, 2010

::Review:: Limited Edition - Red Velvet Cake Society Satchel

The most important thing about a CAKE is that it's baked by Petunia. 
Have you ever had a red velvet cake? 
Did it remind you of old time charm? 
Walking along the street of Shanghai
And you may find a piece of wooden dragon poking his head out...
When antique meets modern,
The most important thing about a CAKE is that it's baked by Petunia. 
 (stay tuned...)

::update:: 4.17.2010

If there was such a thing as a southern red velvet cake that was served at grandma's house last Sunday, and the dreamy taste reminds you of your long gone childhood...there is one purse that will store the good times so they will never fade.  

It's the Red Velvet Cake by Petunia Pickle Bottom. 

The Red Velvet Cake was released in fall 2009, when I was still unsure if I was fancy enough for one.  Old times.  With the holidays approaching in the fall/winter season, it did make sense to have that red on your shoulder to your holiday parties and things...but when it comes to spring and summer?  Most of us worry the red would store the heat somehow and not be able to sustain the cool.  I thought that would be the case, but I tried on several outfits to see how I was going to deliver the ordeal, the red actually just  popped on my shoulder like a blossom and with the photo-shoot outside all morning, the velvet just felt the same as my other CAKEs, but the intensified and gorgeous color will sure make EVERYONE on the street....drool! 

If you love the attention and can't get enough of CAKE, this is yours.  With its vintage assembly and modern take, you will not go wrong with a pair of skinny jeans or a little fancy black bubble dress.  
And yes, I can't wait to put on my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans...soon! 

My sweet PPB mama's red velvet and her sweet pea! (Thanks Cathy!!)

Petunia Pickle Bottom Red Velvet Cake Society Satchel as shown - (MSRP $325) 
Also available in Cosmopolitan Carryall (MSRP $349) and Cameo Clutch (MSRP $135)

Special thanks to my husband who spent his Saturday morning logging five diaper bags, a stroller, a toddler, and trying to please a prego moody woman who takes every shot very seriously with a very serious face. 

Thanks to Jennifer S. who lent me the CAKE! :) 

::Review:: Black Licorice Pudding Cake Society Satchel

Do you want a piece of me? 
Hi, my name is Black Licorice Pudding Cake, and I am delish as you know it! 

After a long(but awesome) Spring Break, I came home from my first day back of work of 12 hours to my newly arrived CAKE. Well, not one but two.  (You will get to read more about the Red Velvet Cake Society Satchel later.) 

Now if you already own a society satchel or a cake, you already know how luxurious the velvet reaches through your skin with every touch.  If you don't, just imagine the taste of the richest and softest mousse cake you ever tasted.  Okay, if you have never tasted a cake like that, go pet your puppy.  If your puppy is short haired, I beg you please go get yourself a cake from Petunia.  Problem solved!

So, in case you forgot...the midnight blackberry society satchel and carryall were both sold out FAST last season.  (My friend Brianna is one of the few and lucky owners) I don't know why anyone would even be unsure about this drop-dead-gorgeous classic pattern?! My other friend Chelsea is a smart lady who hopped on the Black Licorice CAKE train a month ago and is so in love with it.  I totally get it now, Chelsea.  It is more beautiful in person than a plain stock photo on the computer screen.  



And because my husband had to watch Emily while I was at the class tonight, he then had to study as soon as I got home.  I wouldn't dare ask him to take photos of me posing with the bag.  Actually I did, then I shivered after one cold reply.  (No, he is a really awesome Dad who is now doing the dishes and off to walk the dogs downstairs.) 

And therefore, I took one photo of myself, you know the ones of yourself taking it from the mirror? 


I can already tell this CAKE will pair perfectly with ANYTHING.  
I cannot wait to wear skinny jeans with it after Sophie's arrival.  But for now, isn't it just as flattering with my maternity dress?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

::Deal:: 2 PPB Shoulder Bags at Gilt!

I won't post deals here unless they are absolutely amazing.  My husband had to get an endoscopy done this morning and is resting now...I figured I would do something productive for my blog followers...So I called Gilt just to see if they have any PPB left.  Well, they do and just two!


Reg. $175.00  
Trenditikes SOLD OUT 
Gilt $88.00


Reg. $175.00
Trenditikes $105.00
Gilt $88.00

I don't own a shoulder bag but my friend Jenn speaks highly of them.  She wears them messenger style and she loves how roomy they are.  I have seen these cutie pies in person and were amazed at their size; just as big as the boxy backpacks!  The changing station always comes in handy and keeps your little one clean (while dirty).  And you can never go wrong with any PPB, can you?  Oh and how perfect! One glazed and one brocade..maybe you want to grab both!  

Gilt's shipping and customer service will blow you away.  Shop with them once and you will become a loyal customer for life! 

*A very nice and honest lady told me the link I posted actually linked to my cc info and everything so I had to delete it.  If you are not a Gilt member and want to be, please leave me your email address below so I can send it to you via email. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

::Guest Blogger:: Travel with my Petunia Honey('s Petunias)

The other night my husband was asking if he could blog about Petunia Pickle Bottom, jokingly.  I, on the other hand, thought that'd be refreshing for my blog followers (and hopefully their signifiant other).  So I took on the offer and that night he Had to head over to the computer at 11pm at my in-laws' house.  (never make a promise with me.) I am happy to say that he is half way done but deadline is tonight, so we will see! My dear husband is also getting an endoscopy tomorrow so I will understand if he can't follow through tonight. :)

Stay tuned.

Updated 4/8 - 

A lot of things have changed since my wife became "Petunia Honey".  For example, a couple weeks ago she had two functional hands. But now one hand has turned into her "iPhone blogging" hand.  The other hand is used for other activities, such as feeding or changing Emily.  Also, as we were walking down South Beach (our favorite spot in Miami, and where we got married) today, Vivian found a great place to take pictures. But instead of taking a couple family photos, she put her PPB bags down and started to take pictures of the bags, and occasionally the bags with her back of her head showing.  While I definitely can't match her enthusiasm for blogging about diaper bags, I'm excited she is enjoying her hobby and very honored to be a guest blogger. 


I borrowed my Petunia Honey's PPB Heirloom backpack for a recent trip from Atlanta to Miami.  When I’m alone with Emily, I usually use my diaper bag, which is a black backpack that I got as a gift before Emily was born.  I was forced to abandon my regular diaper bag for the added space needed for our flight.  Contrary to my diaper bag, this bag actually has sufficient space for everything, and it’s organized in a way where I can give Petunia Honey what she needs within a matter of seconds.  The downside to using PPB’s Heirloom backpack is that I am under very strict instructions to keep it in brand new condition, which means that I can’t put it on the ground, etc., or I have to suffer the consequences.  Of course the benefits outweigh any of the negatives.  My wife’s fear of looking like a traditional mom with a huge-bulky diaper bag have been replaced with a fashionable bag, and more importantly, a network of Internet friends, and a topic that she is truly passionate to write about!  


Saturday, April 3, 2010

::Review:: Tea on the Thames Crosstown Clutch

The highly anticipated, newly designed convertible strap fro the crosstown clutches were finally released in Spring 2010! I had the opporunity to try out the Tea on the Thames yesterday when I specially had it ship to my in-laws' house for my spring break. (Thanks Denise!)

I was worried the strap would seem awkward since I couldn't see how the convertible strap looks when it's adjusted to be a shoulder strap on any of the stock photos. Of course the first thing I did when I took the out this gorgeous bag out of the plastic bag( how I love the petunia pickle bottom plastic bag,too!), I yanked out the tags, uncliped the wrist strap, clipped it to the end, placed it on my shoulder, ta-da!! Way better than the past season clutches, the strap isn't too thin so it doesn't cut into your shoulder even when it's filled up. Remember that feeling when you couldn't decide whether you should keep the clutch danglling and dragging your wrist down or keep it under the stroller or hold it under your arm but it's really bulky? Now all these problems are solved! It's a pocketbook by Petunia and it's goooorgeous all over again! Its function is making it more worthwhile and you can't keep it off of your shoulder!

It's a must have for PPB mommies, period. Pick your favorite clutch from the spring collection or move it up your mommy's day wish list, maybe alongside that cake you still wanted.

Here is my mother-in-law posting for me!
She wants one for Mother's Day, she said.