Monday, April 19, 2010

::Discussion:: How do you spread the love?

Hello Petunia Mama's,

         How do you manage to rotate around your ohh-soo-fabulous Petunias? I am having this guilt.  It's been two weeks since I carried my Chocolate Cherry CAKE and the Tea on the Thames Clutch has been sitting quietly in the closet next to her other Petunias as well.  I am just so in love with my Black Licorice Pudding CAKE, I am torn.  I walk by them and try so hard to avoid any eye contact, but in my heart I want them to know I love them just as much.  I think my Black Licorice Pudding CAKE has also been shooting them all the "I am better" expression at them, but she IS the gorgeous baby, isn't she? Sigh...
        As a full-time working woman, I find my society satchel extremely practical because all my personal belongings and the lunch bag fit perfectly in it.  Now I don't have to worry about how my lunch bag miss-matches the bag. I should be able to spread my love to other Petunias on the weekend, right? Wrong.  I cannot put my society satchel down! There is actually not one second in my life right now I would be running in and out of the grocery store, it's all taken care of by my husband. And so the use of my clutch is out of the question.  I am a Petunia hoarder and I know it.  Aren't you? Do you feel guilty not rotating your Petunias evenly? Do you have a schedule down so you are not forgetting anyone? I need your tips!



  1. I too gravitate towards certain bags more than others. I can't help it. Then I worry that I will overuse the favourites and they will get worn out. So I am torn. Do I use my favourites and show them off and enjoy them, or do I save them and keep them nice and special?

    P.S. Do you have pugs? I LOVE pugs!

  2. It's easy...I just have one PPB! ;) I know I could easily get addicted to having a big PPB collection (esp Cake), but my job as a stay-at-home Mom just doesn't pay me enough! I'm not complaining though...I love being home with my 2 little princesses and wouldn't trade this time for anything.;) Good luck figuring out how to enjoy all your beautiful bags!

  3. To Anonymous, taking care of two kids isn't an easy task, and I admire you for that!

  4. Shopaholic Mum - I love pugs, but those are actually my cousin's French Bulldogs :)

  5. I have two thus far (I want 10 more). I have yet to use them (due in July) but this is how I plan on spreading the love. Heirloom will be with me at the park, walks ect...easy to clean when I am without my husband so I can be a little tougher on it.
    Midnight BB SS will be used on days when I want to feel more feminine (since there will be a lot of testosterone with another male in the house) and days when the husband can carry our LO around giving me my full attention to my marvelous SS!!: )

  6. {The Fleury's}- Good point! husband will just have to deal with whatever I decide to take with me that day and put it on his shoulder if I don't feel like it...ha ha ha! Now that he is getting the rubicon rucksack, I am not sure if I will even be able to take my cake when we go out. He seriously thinks we pack like we are going on the plane. he he he.