Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day - Shopper Tote

Happy Earth Day! 
Do you still ask for plastic bags at the grocery store? STOP! Pick up one of the Petunia Pickle Bottom shopper totes and not only you are showing your love for Mother Earth, you also shop in style! 

Thanks to Petunia, I received a Morning in Machu Picchu shopper tote for free.  I wasn't crazy about getting grocery, but man, this shopper tote does light up my cart and remind me I am one of the green folks.  (Well, my friend Alyson is actually doing much more on her part! )


I love how the shopper tote folds and would easily fit in any of your Petunia bags.  These are must haves and great for the upcoming Teacher Appreciation Week!  At only $12.00 each, you will earn your child much love from her teacher. :) I know I would appreciate it! 
(Although I have been getting stuff from the $store for the past 3 years...)
And it fits perfectly in my Tea on the Thames cluth!


  1. Soooo hoping this is what's on Gilt tomorrow.....

  2. i think they will just have the same old 2 slings...we shall see!

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