Monday, April 12, 2010

::Review:: Limited Edition - Red Velvet Cake Society Satchel

The most important thing about a CAKE is that it's baked by Petunia. 
Have you ever had a red velvet cake? 
Did it remind you of old time charm? 
Walking along the street of Shanghai
And you may find a piece of wooden dragon poking his head out...
When antique meets modern,
The most important thing about a CAKE is that it's baked by Petunia. 
 (stay tuned...)

::update:: 4.17.2010

If there was such a thing as a southern red velvet cake that was served at grandma's house last Sunday, and the dreamy taste reminds you of your long gone childhood...there is one purse that will store the good times so they will never fade.  

It's the Red Velvet Cake by Petunia Pickle Bottom. 

The Red Velvet Cake was released in fall 2009, when I was still unsure if I was fancy enough for one.  Old times.  With the holidays approaching in the fall/winter season, it did make sense to have that red on your shoulder to your holiday parties and things...but when it comes to spring and summer?  Most of us worry the red would store the heat somehow and not be able to sustain the cool.  I thought that would be the case, but I tried on several outfits to see how I was going to deliver the ordeal, the red actually just  popped on my shoulder like a blossom and with the photo-shoot outside all morning, the velvet just felt the same as my other CAKEs, but the intensified and gorgeous color will sure make EVERYONE on the street....drool! 

If you love the attention and can't get enough of CAKE, this is yours.  With its vintage assembly and modern take, you will not go wrong with a pair of skinny jeans or a little fancy black bubble dress.  
And yes, I can't wait to put on my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans...soon! 

My sweet PPB mama's red velvet and her sweet pea! (Thanks Cathy!!)

Petunia Pickle Bottom Red Velvet Cake Society Satchel as shown - (MSRP $325) 
Also available in Cosmopolitan Carryall (MSRP $349) and Cameo Clutch (MSRP $135)

Special thanks to my husband who spent his Saturday morning logging five diaper bags, a stroller, a toddler, and trying to please a prego moody woman who takes every shot very seriously with a very serious face. 

Thanks to Jennifer S. who lent me the CAKE! :) 


  1. Love the blog, and the pictures even more. What a wonderful husband you have. You put so much heart, passion & detail into your blogs & photos. You are amazing. Not only are you blessed to have such a wonderful husband, but he is blessed to have you as a wife! Lucky guy ;)
    I think PPB needs to put you, Emily & your husband in their ads. They need to either fly you to L.A. for a photo shoot, or come to you in ATL.

  2. Hey Carrie, thanks for the compliments! I have enjoyed this and hopefully I will be able to provide more insights of PPB for all us fans! :) and you still owe me photos of the Empress Roll....he he he!

  3. I love all of the "real" photos. I thought that I wanted the red velvet carryall, but the pictures you have of the society satchel are just too gorgeous! Plus, I already know that I like carrying the satchel. ;) Keep up the great work! Thanks for all of the beautiful photographs for us that can't see these bags in person! :)

  4. Thanks alejk! I actually have the red velvet carryall set in mind because I mainly carry my black licorice pudding ss, which I also LOVE! I hope my husband reads this, that'd make a perfect PUSH present. he he...=)