Monday, April 12, 2010

::Review:: Black Licorice Pudding Cake Society Satchel

Do you want a piece of me? 
Hi, my name is Black Licorice Pudding Cake, and I am delish as you know it! 

After a long(but awesome) Spring Break, I came home from my first day back of work of 12 hours to my newly arrived CAKE. Well, not one but two.  (You will get to read more about the Red Velvet Cake Society Satchel later.) 

Now if you already own a society satchel or a cake, you already know how luxurious the velvet reaches through your skin with every touch.  If you don't, just imagine the taste of the richest and softest mousse cake you ever tasted.  Okay, if you have never tasted a cake like that, go pet your puppy.  If your puppy is short haired, I beg you please go get yourself a cake from Petunia.  Problem solved!

So, in case you forgot...the midnight blackberry society satchel and carryall were both sold out FAST last season.  (My friend Brianna is one of the few and lucky owners) I don't know why anyone would even be unsure about this drop-dead-gorgeous classic pattern?! My other friend Chelsea is a smart lady who hopped on the Black Licorice CAKE train a month ago and is so in love with it.  I totally get it now, Chelsea.  It is more beautiful in person than a plain stock photo on the computer screen.  



And because my husband had to watch Emily while I was at the class tonight, he then had to study as soon as I got home.  I wouldn't dare ask him to take photos of me posing with the bag.  Actually I did, then I shivered after one cold reply.  (No, he is a really awesome Dad who is now doing the dishes and off to walk the dogs downstairs.) 

And therefore, I took one photo of myself, you know the ones of yourself taking it from the mirror? 


I can already tell this CAKE will pair perfectly with ANYTHING.  
I cannot wait to wear skinny jeans with it after Sophie's arrival.  But for now, isn't it just as flattering with my maternity dress?


  1. Black Licorice Pudding Cake SS pleeeeease!! :)

  2. Absolutely stunning! Love the black Cakes.

  3. Love all those fabulous pics! Thanks! :)

  4. I'm so glad you got one!! I love seeing my name in your blog...I love every post you crack me up. Hit me up soon, we haven't shot the breeze for awhile.

  5. Hello ladies, so happy to see your responses! It is truly the most amazing, stunning CAKE Petunia's ever made and my husband was actually blown away by its simplicity and elegance.
    @ Chelsea, thank you!thank you! thank you! I remember one time you described the bag had some studs or somthing but can't quite remember the specifics enough to put it into writing...

  6. love the picture, you and Emily have mommy doughter matching color, it's so pretty! Aeon

  7. Hello Aeon! It's always fun to try to color coordinate but Matt just rolls his eyes as we get you can imagine!