Tuesday, August 3, 2010

::Review::Daisy Dewdrops Sashay Satchel

Here is another print option for the Sashay Satchel! 


  1. Is this bag big enough for a toddler and a baby's stuff? I had a boxy and found it to be too big but I liked the styles of PPB. Your review of the Rambling Rose kind of got me hooked. Is the shoulder strap against your back uncomfortable when in the backpack position? Is this bag super stiff like the glazed boxys are? I just love this daisy dewdrop print!

  2. If I had a choice, I wouldn't buy anything made by PPB.

  3. Why do you say that? Are they not practical? Is it all just for show? You do have a choice, don't you? Just don't buy them! Haha.

  4. No, I won't buy them anymore. I do have a choice, you are right.

  5. i know this is old news but i'm curious why you say you wouldn't buy anything from them anymore?

    1. Simply because their lack of respect for fans on the Facebook fan page...I also do not have the need for diaper bags anymore. I thought this could last until after babies, but I have found others to be more versatile. If you check out JJB, their bags are washable and functional. They are always very curtious on their facebook page- a much more friendly and professional company.