Monday, May 10, 2010

::Review::Scout Rubicon Rucksack

What could be a better gift to a dad who appreciates fashion and quality time spent with his baby?
A Petunia Pickle Bottom Scout Rubicon Rucksack.

I never paid much attention to PPB's daddy bags until I have collected 'enough' PPB for myself and still had the shop-holism in me that screams 'MORE' and that's when I looked into the hippest daddy bag on the diaper bag market.

Before Emily was born, I searched high and low for a daddy bag that my husband would use, something that is not pink.  I got him a backpack made by Pottery Barn Kids and had his initials monogrammed in the center.  That backpack was actually spacious, comfy to wear and very versatile, just what a dad needs.  Back then, when I was so frustrated with my ever so annoying diaper bags, I would even borrow his and just pretended function is all that matters.  For $35.00, that was worth every penny. (I apologize I have not one clear photo of that poor bag...I also just realized I never used to take profile pictures of bags or people's backs...)

Now of course when a PPB mom is born, so is a PPB dad, right? The Scout collection was very refreshing yet confusing to me.  I did not understand the difference between the journey pack and the Rubicon Rucksack.  But to sum up, the journey pack is a smaller diaper bag than the rubicon rucksack.  The Rubicon Rucksack converts into a laptop bag in just a few unsnaps and snaps.  If you are looking for something for your man to use for work and baby, the Rubicon Rucksack is the way to go.

How functional? It comes with the matching leather valet clips! How luxurious! It's made way better than the $19.00 valet clips we buy to go with the boxy backpack.  It works the same way, just velcro, clip, and go! If not using the stroller, my husband prefers wearing it across the body messenger style, way cool!  The strap is adjustable, too!

How spacious? We are having a newborn arriving in July, so bottles, wipes, diapers pockets are must haves.  Just like the boxies, it's got 4 bottle pockets that'd fit wide neck bottles or sippy cups. Each pocket is huge, even a 100-count Costco wipes fit in it without being snug.  Most pockets for utensils on the go, bibs, a cell phone holder, and plenty of space left for board books or toys.

Now I just have to convince my husband to wear it to work and not worry so much about ruin it.  He loves it tremendously he keeps it in the dust bag and only uses it on the weekend.  It's his special treat,  he says. :)


  1. Hi Vivian, i'm jen's husband, and it was the rubicon that had me introduce the world of ppb to her. love the red velvet ss she bought through you too. great reviews.

  2. Helloooo, Jen's husband!!! So glad you introduced PPB to Jen and had her rid off JJB. :) Thanks for reading my blog and showing your support for Jen's new obsession!

  3. Another great review :) I can't wait for Father's Day now!