Saturday, July 10, 2010

::Review:: Limited Edition PPB Boxy Backpacks at Nordstrom

I am not familiar with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  Obviously if I had a Nordie's card, I'd be in so much more trouble than I already am.  Several mamas on the Petunia Mama's page were able to get an appointment to sneak peek at the Petunia Pickle Bottom boxy backpacks that are specially designed for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  I think this might be a once a year deal and when they are out, they are out.  The best part about these LE bags is the price.  You only pay $99+tax during the pre-sale or sale, instead of the regular $167+tax! A delicious Petunia Boxy for $99 is a steal, and think about one else will have it since it's only exclusively sold at Nordie's!

There are three patterns, but I only saw two at the store.   

Meander in Marseilles
To me one looks similar to that of the India Ink color scheme but the pattern is almost the same as the Strolling in Salzburg. 

  Wandering Through Wales
The other one's pattern is close to that of Rhone Blooms and the color scheme is the same as Misty Shanghai. I definitely drooled. 

Thanks to my dear Petunia Mama Jill who first shared the stock photos on the Nordstrom Anniversary Catalog!! 

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  1. It had enough space to stuff all the free stuff (diapers, wipes, formula) we got from the hospital! I'm looking forward to using the boxy bags since they hold enough for two babies. Petunia Honey delivered baby Sophie this Tuesday and is recovering very nicely in the hair salon now!