Tuesday, August 3, 2010

::Review::Sashay Satchel

How has the summer heat treating you mamas? I have been spending most of my vacation in the air conditioned room with my big belly and now with my NEWBORN! Hope everyone's had a wonderful time with the kiddos! Now, I know everyone including me has been anxiously awaiting for fall collection's debut.  The date is set - Sep. 15, 2010! Thought I saw somewhere on the facebook fanpage the new collection was due to come out in July, guess the summer heat has not been very motivating.

Well, if you are a fan on Petunia's fan page, which I know you are if you are reading this...new styles will be released for fall 2010, and as I am writing this review, some Sashay Satchels have even been shipped to Nordstroms nationwide a month before they are available at retails! I heard there were three prints available for the Sashay Satchel, yet my Nordie only has two of the three - Rambling Rose and Daisydew Drops! So antsy to see the third one!

So here is my little review on the Sashay Satchel I have had for less than 12 hours.  I was in awe when I saw the Rambling Rose! So vibrant! Definitely a light weight diaper bag, too! The top handles are comfortable and gentle to your shoulders. The backpack option is an excellent bonus. (Although I wish the top handles were removable while carrying on my back) And again, pocket galore! 1 large front pocket(magnetic closure) with 2 mini pockets, 4 bottle pockets, 1 zipper pockets inside, 1 wipes case pocket, and 1 changing pad pocket! If you are like me who is in charge of holding husband's car keys, the key fob comes in handy, too!

Rambling Rose Sashay Satchel

Petunia! The same pull as the ones on the Touring Totes!
The front pocket took me by surprise! Magnetic closure with easy access with Mommy essentials! 
4 bottle pockets - 2 outer + 2 inner 
inner bottle pockets (one on each end)

PPB wipes case + Oversized changing pad (largest I have seen, which I'd definitely use! Not as plush as the ones in the Touring Toes or the Cake, but much bigger and when folded away it doesn't take up much space) 
Wipes Case + Changing Pad Pockets, Key fob, Zipper pocket
Backpack Option (see the 2 little pockets on both sides? That's where the backpack straps "hide", ingenious!!!)
Rambling Rose in the Sun
Petunia designs diaper bags with Mommy's multitasking needs in mind.
(I know, not my best hair day..well, she is 21 days old!)   

Sashay Satchel on a 5'5'' Mommy

Overall, it's a beautiful designer diaper bags with fashionable mommy's needs in mind.  The size is greater that the touring tote for sure, but not as roomy as the boxy.  Depends what kind of diaper bag packer you are, this bag may just be the right fit for you. And at $89? Maybe a perfect shower gift that'd blow the new mommy's mind away :) 


  1. Congratulations on your baby! I just ordered the Dew Drop Satchel today from Nordstroms and can't wait to get it. I can post pictures when I get it.

  2. Hi,

    I just wanted to say "thanks!" for the info that the SaShay Satchel was available early through Nordstrom. I just discovered the Satchel yesterday evening on the PPB site and was so disappointed that it wasn't available until mid September. I even wrote it in my calendar! So happy I found your site - I just purchased it this morning :)

    Also, thanks for the pics of the bag. I was curious about the size and it looks like it will be perfect. My PPB tote that I have used for the past three years just busted (the zipper) this week. I wanted something bigger than my tote but couldn't find anything I really liked. So again, thank you! And congrats on your new baby :)

    Jennifer L.
    Brighton, MI

  3. Hi my nordie has the third print I thought I shared this with everyone its called tranquil tulips follow this link