Wednesday, May 26, 2010

::Review::Red Velvet Cake Cosmopolitan Carryall

Yes, another cake.  I do realize how many reviews I have done on Cake, but I just can't help it.  Now you already know its functionality, I want you to focus on the true unresistingly delicious color palate on each one of them.

Why red? So bald and unmistakably sexy! I'd guess most moms dream about going back to their childless era and rock their Gucci bags down the street in skinny jeans and high heels once awhile.  It is not impossible, but we as mothers sacrifice fashion for function and sometimes we no longer accessorize to impress.  If a diaper bag has got all the pockets, diapers are refilled, wipes are in place, snacks are within reach, change of clothes are packed...and with that unbeatable smile on our angel's face, it brings the greatest feeling in the world.  But don't stop right there, you no longer have to substitute Vintage Chanel for Winnie the Pooh, Petunia has baked you a beautiful and functional cake that carries all the necessities above and make you feel confident and gorgeous again!

Many of my non-mommy friends always question my expenses on diaper bags (just PPB to be exact) because they believe it's just a bag that holds "dirty" baby stuff and gets poop on.  Wait, no! My PPB has always stayed put on the stroller handle or on a clean surface.  My husband even appreciates how well made and lovely these babies are, he looks over at me to receive instructions on where to place it in public.  And to add to it, you never plop any purse down on a floor! No matter how much it costs.  The germs attached to the bottom of the bag just won't cut it for your family's health.
Now many of you already know the Red Velvet Cake is the limited edition... It will be gone before you know it so order yours while you still can! 


  1. Hi Stacy, thanks for following my blog!! Doesn't it make your heart jump whenever you see a beautiful Petunia? :)

  2. Would you be willing to sell any of your Petunia Pickle bottom? I have looked all over for red velvet and can't find it anywhere second hand. My email is