Friday, March 18, 2011

::Review:: Hampton Holdall in Black Walnut CAKE

When I was seven, I would race home to eat the last piece of cake before my sister beat me to it. That, was exactly how I felt when I left work today. This time, nobody "cares to" fight though.  It is a beautiful 80 degrees spring day, and my package just sat on the porch waiting for my return.

Here they are, my first glance. 

They came swaddled! Like new babies... (okay, it's not 'that' funny..I get it.)

Ta-da! My new baby CAKE! I'd say I had no clue what a black walnut looks like so I googled it.
This is a black walnut

Now I am drooling as I type. 

Anyhow, I know you must be curious what the big hype (in me) is about the Hampton Holdall to stop at my blog. Here it is. The turn lock that features on the Society Satchel is on this baby as well.  I love it, it is a nice touch. 

The back pocket features a zipper pocket. Small enough for random things like maybe a ... I really can't think of anything to put in there right now. I am sure your kids will think of something for ya. I am not sure if the cake pull is improved and how well it will hold up. Many cake pulls have broken on the bottom of the cosmopolitan carryalls so I say, be gentle! Oh, and I am sure there will be less injury for the pull now that it's not located on the bottom compartment.  (And there is no bottom compartment in the holdall.) 

This is what you will see once you open the top flap. Be gentle with those cake pulls. I have said it twice. 

Here is a bottle holder. I say it's definitely big enough for a wide neck bottle or a sippy or your own water bottle.  I am sure a beer bottle would fit JUST FINE, too. 

LOOK AT ME! It's a snap. It hides the ring when you aren't hanging it to the stroller. How SMART is that? I say this is the best detail I have noticed with the bag. Very creative. The Society Satchel basically has one hole on each side. To me, this is way more clever. 

It is huge! You can fit everything you need for one baby for sure. I said that but this can probably handle two if you don't need extra bottle pockets. I know nursing moms carry a lot less, but I also understand cloth diaper moms need more space. So...I really can't say. I have two babies, but I don't really use my CAKE when I am out with them unless showing off is on my agenda. You know? (like tomorrow...) 

So here you see, a zipper pocket with a cake pull (be gentle!) and two pockets. That is IT. No more pockets. It is definitely deep. 

Here are all the cutsy accessories that came with - 
Long messenger strap, Coin purse, Stroller clips, Dust bag, Wipes case (which I never ever use but I may start to) 

This is a changing pad that looks similar to what comes with the Sashay Satchel.  I am not sure why it was downgraded to the canvas sort-of material...a little disappointed. It doesn't seem like it'd be easy to clean or be comfortable for my baby's tushie. 

I hope you enjoyed the close shots.  I am not a PPB expert, just a mommy who is obsessed with their CAKE collection.  Thanks for reading and I hope to post some carrying/stroller shots this weekend. And yes, I haven't figured out how the messenger strap would go. I am a shoulder bag kind of gal. 

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