Saturday, January 15, 2011

Parisian Pansy Touring Tote


Oldies but goodies! I am not a pink mom even with two baby girls.  The hello kitty pink? No, thanks! There is no reason to accessorize in so called girlie colors because you worrying about what others think. If they want to think of your little man as a girl...alrighty then.  They are strangers, who cares? Yet when I came across the Parisian Pansy Touring Tote by PPB, I thought the pink was romantic and its softness reminds me of a mother's love and care.  It sure is girlie, the kind that I would go for at least.


  1. Do you ever list for sale any of your Petunia Pickle Bottom bags when you are no longer using them? (such as this one?) I have been looking for this Pink and Black Parisian Pansy (in gently used or new condition, smoke free home) for a while now. I use paypal. I have been searching for that print and would love it in a boxy or touring tote. Do you know of any message boards for petunia pickle bottom bag owners that list bags for sale? Great Blog, I enjoy reading your reviews.

    1. Hi Bee Vintage Honey, Sorry for the delay. I do not own any PPB bags anymore. You might be able to find this particular bag on eBay or on the PPB FB board. Good luck on your search and thanks so much for reading!